How to Solve Sanitation Problems

When working on a construction site or anywhere away from permanent facilities, sanitation and health of workers can become a problem, it is therefore important to provide quality solutions. Here at Flintham Cabins we are experts in providing steel container hire in London and throughout the south east, however, that’s not all we do; we also offer an extensive range of portable toilet facilities and here’s a brief look at the advantages of the portable lavatory.

Take Them to Any Location

As implied by the term portable, these toilets don’t have to be tied down to any one location. All toilet units are lightweight and can be easily transported and off-loaded from place to place. The robust nature of the units mean this can be done quickly and efficiently to meet any specific geographical requirements. These specially designed portable units don’t require any mains, water or power inputs so they can literally be utilised anywhere!

Require Low Maintenance

All toilets all include soap dispensers, hand towels and hand washing facilities so there’s no need to constantly monitor the wellbeing of the units. They also come equipped with air vents and translucent roofs to allow the air to flow freely and maintain a level of comfort. On top of that, sanitation services can be provided so that toilet roll and hand cleaning supplies never dwindle. They will need cleaning from time to time though, especially if you walk in with muddy boots.

Available in a Range of Different Sizes

The units come in various different sizes and configurations to meet all different kinds of requirements. Whether catering to the needs of an entire work force or providing premium lavatories to VIP gatherings, the portable toilet can do the job. Whatever the event or your requirements, you can ensure that you have the correct sanitation units to make it much more comfortable.

Whether you need portable steel containers or portable toilets, we can provide you with units of the highest possible quality, whatever you are after.  We are known for our reliable, punctual and quality services which is why many of our customers return again and again. To purchase new or used containers or for any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0208 459 6972 – we are always happy to provide advice so please just give us a call!


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