Set Your Sites High: The Stratospheric Rise of Modular Buildings

There’s no two ways about it, we’re seeing a construction revolution unfolding before our very eyes. We’ve previously looked at the many uses for shipping containers, from hotels and hostels, to restaurants and gardens. But it’s not only containers which are revolutionising the way we build – and what we build.


It’s a trend which is steadily taking over the world – from the United Kingdom to the United States… and that’s precisely where we’re off to for this particular bit of news. People have a certain idea of what a modular or portable building is – thin walls, squat, and narrow. And those misconceptions couldn’t be more wrong.


Just check out what Bruce Ratner, of Forest City Ratner, is attempting in the Big Apple. Yep, the New York businessman is attempting something which has never been done before; he’s going to build the world’s tallest modular building.


The tower, situated in Brooklyn, is known as B2 BKLYN, and the idea is to build up this colossus 32-storeys high. It’s intended, once completed, to provide a residential skyscraper which is so much more affordable than traditionally constructed skyscrapers in the city.


The units are being built in a nearby factory, before being assembled on site, as modular buildings are wont to do. Ratner even got up to ten storeys, before legal wrangling with the former owner of his factory, Skanska, waylaid him and left his company in a dicey place, financially. Five months later and the lawsuit has been sorted, and the factory re-opened.


Bob Sanna, Executive Vice President of Forest City Ratner, made a statement, saying: ‘We are committed to completing the world’s tallest modular building by using the same technology that we started with.’ He continued, ‘More workers are returning to work as the factory gets back to full swing.’


And how many modular units do you think it’ll take to make the B2 BKLYN a record-breaking building? Ratner reckons that, once it’s finally completed, he’ll have used 363 units.


We’ll certainly be watching this particular project as it develops. After all, we specialise in portable building and steel container hire in London, so we recognise that it’s an exciting time to play a major role within the industry. For more information about our services and products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0208 459 6972 and our staff will be happy to assist with your enquiries.

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