Can it! -A New Look at Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are getting a new lease of life just lately, as people have increasingly started converting them into homes, restaurants and even entire hotels.  But now things have taken a clinical turn, as the scientific and medical societies have started to take note of our economical and re-purposed designs. This new, fast and efficient design is starting to turn heads, as the watch word is “rapid response” for disasters and various plights in the developing world.

New Innovations

A new treatment for these containers has revolutionised how aid workers can make use of these transportable storage units. New chemical sprays such as SuperTherm, combined with appropriate insulation, can help create sterile environments suited for scientific labs and medical procedures.

This makes the world of difference, as rather than spending resources and precious time on creating or repurposing a structure for medical use, it can be readymade and stocked as a self-contained clinic. These marvels can be shipped and operational within a few hours; precious time that can help improve lives.

Clinic in a Can

One such company has embraced this, and specialises in the making and distribution of these repurposed steel containers. Clinic in a Can is the company in question. Already in use in West Africa to assist the populace with controlling the spread of the Ebola epidemic, these Clinics in a Can are proving their weight in gold.

Able to be transported via major shipping lanes, they can be sent throughout the developing world and are far less expensive than attempts to set up entirely new clinics.  As self efficiency is important in these environments, various designs incorporate such things as solar panels, and even a ‘thermos’ insulation design to combat dramatic weather conditions and varying temperatures. All of this is fully customisable to the needs of the clinic, and is able to include things like surgery equipment and even a functioning medical lab.

Happy to Help

In need of steel container hire in London? We offer a wide selection of containers in a variety of sizes that are suited to any project. Furthermore, we offer innovative and even reusable cabins, as well as speedy service and delivery on all our products. For any enquiries, contact us or call us on 0208 459 6972 for a personal quote from our specialists.

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