Architects Turn to Shipping Containers…But Why Are They So Popular?

All over the world, shipping containers are now being used for purposes that would have been far beyond the imaginations of their original designers; namely, they’re being used for homes. You can check the news in any country, and come to the exact same conclusion. Yep, the shipping container revolution is in full swing. Not everyone is totally convinced, yet containers still keep on springing up.

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Fox10 reports a case where architects were initially sceptical about whether inhabitants of an area in Phoenix would accept shipping container architecture, so despite their popularity, there’s clearly a sense that they haven’t quite become established as ‘the norm’…yet. In this case, the response was actually overwhelming positive, and no wonder, as shipping containers have a magnificent array of benefits…


Believe us when we say that shipping containers are very nearly iSteel Containersndestructible. Not quite, but pretty close. Fires and even hurricanes can bounce right off these things, and that’s a definite upside to any home.


Because they save on a bucket-load of more ‘normal’ building materials, shipping containers are very affordable. They’re also very quick to put up, which saves on construction costs too.  Coupled with that fact that we’ve also told you that they’re extremely durable, what’s not to like?


Shipping containers can be stacked, arranged and combined literally as you like. Far from being something that’s just ‘a box’, they can genuinely be used in some truly memorable configurations.


Sometimes, shipping containers get a bad press in the eco-friendly department, as certain coatings on the containers can be potentially bad for the environment. There’s also the argument that the amount of energy needed to convert a container into a home is far from ‘low energy’. These points are worth considering, but in countries with less extreme climates, the lack of energy efficiency is reduced, so it really does depend on circumstances, and as a rule these homes still come with many notable eco-friendly properties.

As you can see, there are plenty of pros to shipping container constructions, so all told it’s perhaps surprising that they’re still being thought of as a bit of an oddity. Far from expecting a negative response, shouldn’t architects be anticipating enthusiasm? We reckon so, and that’s why we provide containers for purposes like site accommodation in London. Shipping containers work just great in this situation, so why apologise for using them?! If you’d like more information about how we can help you today, please contact us on 0208 459 6972 and we’ll be more than happy to assist with your enquiries.

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