Shipping Containers: Making Fresh Produce Production Easy

As you can probably tell, here at Flintham Cabins, we get excited when it comes to learning of new innovative uses for shipping containers.

An ambitious idea has caught our eye recently; the use of shipping containers to help produce fresh produce! As leading providers of steel containers in London, we love the uniqueness of this project, so let’s take a closer look at how a simple shipping container is helping change the way our fresh produce is, well… produced!

Modular Farming

One owner of one of these innovative containers is Ryan Sweeney of Minneapolis. Not your typical farmer, having no farming experience at all, Ryan produces fresh basil at his farm which is situated in a recycled shipping container.

He is able to produce this fresh herb all year round without the use of pesticides or soil. He simply uses LED lighting instead of sunlight and is able to yield 40 to 50 pounds of basil in a week. He is able to supply local grocery stores, keeping the basil products all locally produced in the area.

Using a method known as hydropology, Ryan is able to consistently produce his Basil to a certain standard. Hydropology is the process of growing plants using mineral solutions in water without the need for soil.

With the agriculture and food industry becoming less sustainable every year, is this farming option becoming a more attractive choice for people who aren’t necessarily farmers?

The Role of the Container

Containers are pretty much a perfect environment for growing plants. Lighting can be controlled exactly, and more plants can grow per square foot.

Plants are also sheltered from the harsh seasonal weather which may affect their ability to grow or survive. This allows the farmers to be more consistent with their produce output as the factors that could affect how much they produce are able to be controlled.

With more people wanting to know where their food is coming from, these farm containers provide the perfect local environment, even in a busy urban setting. Who knows, in the future, all the plants that we consume may come from these type of farms; cutting down on water waste and bad quality produce which will only get thrown out.

Here at Flintham Cabins, we are always excited to see what shipping containers are  going to be used for next. We’ve already seen them be recycled into houses and classrooms, and now into an excellent plant farming environment. Who knows what is next on the agenda for the simple container!

If you would like to have a go at creating the next big thing for the shipping container, or simply want more information on the products we have on offer,  don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by calling 0208 459 6972 and speak with one of our experienced team members today.

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