Now in 3-D: Portable Toilets!

When it comes to portable toilets, it’s easy to say that many people have a strong aversion to them. While most of this prejudice can be attributed to the way the toilets are treated at events such as music festivals, there is now a common stereotype that portable toilets are the most unclean places in the world to do your business (you know which business we mean).

Here at Flintham Cabins, we supply some of the best site accommodation in London, so it grieves us that portable toilets have got such a negative image. Today however, we can announce that it’s all about to change.

Earlier this month, an exhibition was going on at the China International Tourism Expo dedicated entirely to portable toilets. It was in this exhibition that we got a very interesting and exciting innovation from Shanghai Huajie Eco-environment Engineering Co. Ltd. What is their exciting new product? Well, it’s a partially 3D-printed portable toilet!

Yes that’s right, a toilet made using 3-D printing technology!

The toilet is made using unique modular assembly technology; and to add an aesthetic touch, geometric modelling has been used to create a stylish surface for the toilet. The design of the interior is a simple yet elegant one, whilst the exterior yellow and black colours are very bold and striking.

Portable toilets

When the toilet unit is fully assembled and open for use, it measures in at 60 square meters and contains 10 portable toilets. One of the most interesting parts of this design is its disassembly, where it can be packed into a 17.5 metre-long truck for transport.

The designers ensure that the units have a long life span which, coupled with its portability and flexibility, makes it an economically viable product.

Although the 3D printed unit is still essentially a portable toilet, Shanghai Huajie are hopeful that their design will prove popular for a number of reasons. For one, it has virtually nothing in common with the portable toilets we think of.  It has better portability than a regular portable unit, meaning that no permanent occupation of land is required. The toilet can be packed and unpacked where and when is necessary.

There are also some technological features that are very impressive too. The ventilation and lighting conditions can be controlled, which helps against any bad smells or dimness which in turn help squash the stereotype.

Considering the reception this unit received at the Expo, it seems that this could be the future of portable toilets, flushing away the competition.

Here at Flintham Cabins, we also provide wonders of portable toilets. To find out more, contact us on 0208 459 6972 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help!

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