What to Look for When Buying a Steel Container

New or used, what’s your choice? If you’re looking to pick up some steel containers for your business, then this is probably one of the first questions you’ll be asking yourself. After all, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Other questions you’ll wish to consider are whether to buy or hire; the ultimate purpose and intended location of the container; and what size will best fit your needs?

Those aren’t the only considerations you’ll have to make, though. ‘Cause investing in steel containers is a lot like buying a car – you don’t just kick the tyres and lay your money down. You need to thoroughly inspect the merchandise to ensure that your containers will be up to the task.


We’ve got more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, we’re probably well-placed to offer a few tips for what to look for when choosing your containers.


Check the Bodywork

Always give the chassis a solid once-over. Steel containers are designed to go through the works without too much TLC; they’re tough enough to take it, so no surprise that they’re going to take a serious beating. If you’re buying used, check out the steel casing for any dents and scratches – even if they won’t negatively affect your operation, it’ll give you peace of mind.


Structural Integrity

The frame of the container, too, should be thoroughly checked for any structural weaknesses that may impact its use. A reputable dealer isn’t going to fob you off with tat, but there are some wickedly devious folk out there looking to quickly offload heavily used and totally useless shipping containers that are rusting where containers ought not to rust!


Wonderfully Watertight

Entirely related to our previous point, check that there’s no damage to a container that might mean that water can leak inside the container. Regardless of whether you’ll be shipping your containers, or using them on-site, they need to be weatherproof to protect the contents. That means you’ll want to keep an eye out for cracks, rust holes and anything else that may let rain, seawater or even snow into the interior.


Want more advice from professionals with steel containers that really deliver the quality and reliability you need for a smoother operation? Contact us by giving the Flintham Cabins team on 0208 459 6972 and we’ll be absolutely delighted to assist with your enquiries.

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