The Leisure Industry: Different Uses For Shipping Containers

We’ve talked a lot about how versatile shipping containers are. Throughout the last few years they have been used for a number of different and exciting purposes. Think of any type of building and there is probably a shipping container version somewhere in the world. From houses and hotels, to offices and restaurants, it’s fair to say that shipping containers are definitely the future of architecture.

They have especially had an impact in the leisure industry, in which there have been lots of different ways in which these containers have been used. As specialists in steel container hire, we find it fascinating to read about how creative people can be.


Here is a selection of the creative ways in which the leisure industry has used shipping containers! Which is your favourite?

Camping Hut

Architect Joel built a luxury hut by using a 20 foot shipping container. Working for a construction enterprise in the USA, Joel was tasked with building a camping hut in Washington. However, he wanted to be a little more innovative, whilst also keeping it eco-friendly. He wanted to build something sustainable that used recycled products – which is why he chose the shipping container.

The hut can sleep a family of four!

Swimming Pool

Architect Stefan Beese decided back in 2013 that he wanted to turn a dumpster into something a little more exciting – a swimming pool in his backyard. Using a steel refuse container that was cleaned and carefully painted, he lined it with protective foam insulation. It was then plumbed to the water supply so that fresh water can be pumped in regularly!

The best thing about it is that it can be transported to another location if the family ever decide to move!

Girl Swimming Underwater - iStock_000059442312_Medium

Artist’s Studio

There must be something about architects and shipping containers because this one was designed by one too! Maziar Behrooz designed a fantastic art studio in New York using just two shipping containers. Located in the forests that are just North to NY, the art studio takes up 840 square foot of space.

He claimed that shipping containers were chosen because they offered him more value compared to other construction materials, but he did add that the sustainability of the containers was also something he considered.


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