Cost-Effective Cabins

When we think of modular buildings, we automatically think of its environmentally friendly benefits. Sure, the minds behind modular endorse this innovative design, but these methods of construction are futile without public backing. People need a reason to want to invest in modular buildings in ways that benefit them.

Whether you need cabins or units for commercial or government use, there are many ways that you can maximise on savings with the investment of portable cabins and steel storage units in London.


New Vs Used

There are many investment options when it comes to modular buildings. The fact that they are portable and simple in design means that they be moved from site to site and transformed to have various uses. As people often need them for temporary use, used units are already pre-built and available for either hire or purchase.

Buying a used cabin will cut construction costs and dramatically reduce the time spent on a custom made cabin which could save you money by getting your project up and running as soon as possible. Used units are thoroughly checked and refurbished before customer availability and are left in excellent condition for whatever use you require.

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Energy-Saving Features

You may be under the impression that a steel cabin can’t be very easy to insulate – but you’d be wrong! All cabins are fully fitted with UPVC double-glazing to reduce the time taken to heat each space. As the space itself is quite compact, any heating facilities will take next to no time to sufficiently insulate the building.

Energy-saving heating solutions can be made available which can be controlled via a timer and thermostat system to only use heat during hours of use. With the addition of PIR motion lighting which is triggered only when a space is being used, investors can achieve up to 90 percent on electrical savings.

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Buy Vs. Hire

It may be the case that you don’t yet feel confident in the benefits of modular buildings, and you’re hesitant about buying a unit for permanent use. However, units can be hired for temporary use or for those who want to test drive a unit before making an investment decision.

Hiring a cabin is also a wise move just in case cabin specifications need to be changed, which would save you valuable time and further construction costs.

At Flintham Cabins, we can cater for all of our customers’ needs, made easier with the nature of modifiable buildings! If you’re curious about how modular buildings could affect your business, get in touch with us today at 0208 459 6972 for any enquiries that you may have, otherwise you can also find us on our Twitter page.

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