What Accommodation Does Your Building Site Need?

We’ve recently mentioned the importance of having welfare facilities, as required by law. Welfare is extremely important, and safety isn’t far behind. Both these issues come hand in hand, and you will need accommodation that properly reflects your needs.

Our units are both easy to transport and easy to install. They come fitted with amenities that ensure proper hygiene in your employees’ workspace, and they also contain appropriate safety measures.  Whether you have a big or a small building site, we offer several sizes of units that can be placed on your site terrain.

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Having appropriate and hygienic facilities for your employees helps productivity, as they will feel not only that you follow health and safety rules, but also that their welfare is important to you. The mobile welfare units we offer meet all the terms of HSE regulations.

Whether you require units for even or uneven terrain, we are able to move our mobile welfare units to your building site, with a retractable axel and built in hydraulic system to raise or lower them as needed. If you need units to suit a team that is constantly on the move, our welfare units provide a place that can function as a canteen, an office, or a drying unit.

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The units are serviced on a weekly basis, and they include an integral 6kva generator, toilet and hand washing facilities with cold and hot water, a drying room, and a canteen.

In building sites, toilet units are can sometimes be difficult to maintain because they might require access to water, power, and sewage. We offer toilet units that are easily connected to these utilities, and that are able to function like a typical, domestic toilet. They are built to be transported as required, and their materials make them lightweight but strong.

Our entirely self-contained units have hand washing facilities, soap dispensers, and hand towels. They come equipped with air vents and translucent roofs for sanitary purposes. We also offer a weekly service that replenishes your toilet rolls and your hand cleaners.

 Hands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC



In a construction site, one of the most important things is safety. Employees’ safety goes beyond proper equipment in the workplace; personal safety and security measures in building sites are increasing. Security cameras, motion detectors, and alarm systems are being deemed no longer sufficient by themselves.

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Last year, police were able to identify three young people who were found to be connected with incidents of vandalism in several building sites in Bourne. Vandals can be a big issue in building sites, causing damage that delays construction and incurs more expenses. They can be especially problematic for smaller companies that may not be able to afford continuous material replacement.

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Anti-Vandal Units are strong and made with high quality materials, providing a safe environment. They are especially perfect choices for the more remote building locations, ensuring that your site is fitted with durable units to your personal specification.

Our fully furnished units are made from 1.6mm steel, and they are fully welded with one door only. They include a five-lever insurance approved mortice deadlock and anti-jemmy angle, with steel shutters that are lockable from inside. We offer a large array of sizes that can work as offices, canteens, drying offices, or a combination of these. You can connect them to main supply systems or a generator through the exterior power points.

You might also want to hire security guards to ensure your building site has constant patrols capable of covering a larger area. They will prevent the crime itself from happening, while the safety technology devices allow only for a response to the crime. Security guards will also coordinate with your security manager, making sure that the safety protocols are being upheld. Security guard huts are easy and fast to install, so you can add security to your building site as quickly as you need.


It’s not only vandalism that construction site managers need to be concerned about. Did you know that building sites are also prominent targets for theft and arson?

Damage losses can set back a construction immensely, causing great safety risks to the construction itself and to its workers. By ensuring the perimeter is secure with guard patrols, it will discourage thieves from stealing valuable material and arsonists from destroying property and endangering life.

Children and the general public might also wander in your building site, and by having guard huts strategically placed around your site, security guards will serve as deterrents and preventative agents from potential lawsuits.

Securities at an outdoor event.

Whether you have a big or a small company, there are a lot of accommodation options that might prove helpful in your building site. At Flintham Cabins you can find the option that suits you best and, if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone on 0208 459 6972. You can also see all of our updates on our Twitter page.

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