Common Problems with Site Accommodation

Managing site accommodation is no easy business. There’s a lot more to it than just whacking down a security hut or portable cabin and hoping for the best. As you know, that’s pretty much the opposite of what site management entails.

Ok, we can’t make your personal life any easier – you’re still going to have to cook that spaghetti Bolognese you promised your partner, and you’ll have to remember to watch that new TV show everybody’s been talking about – but we believe our units will improve your professional life and make managing the site even easier. That’s because we understand common problems faced by site managers.



One of the biggest issues that arises is security. No-one wants to walk into work dreading whether or not that new build is still there, or whether it’s become a graffiti-covered wreck by young vandals with nothing better to do (and a sincere lack of imagination, for that matter). How do you explain to the team that someone’s stolen the kettle and tell the boss that all that important paperwork has been nicked? Better to invest in cabins that are built with security in mind.



Every good business keeps an eagle-eye on the bottom line. But that doesn’t mean not investing in units that are fit for purpose. Being affordable doesn’t mean being poorly made or insecure. Choose a supplier of site accommodation units who understands that you don’t need to compromise on cost in order to obtain great quality cabins. (Spoiler: We mean us).



Planning out where your cabins and units are going to go on the site can be a headache. You don’t want to disrupt all the hard work that’s going on, and you don’t want to make them inaccessible for the team. But there’s more to it than that – sometimes you’re going to want to shift your units, so opt for ones that are easily portable or completely modular, in order to fit with your specific needs.


What other problems have you faced? We’d love to hear about them and how our own extensive range can help. We have to utmost respect for site managers, so anything we can do to make working lives easier is a-ok with us. Just give the Flintham Cabins crew a bell to find out what products will work best for your site and what we can do to eliminate some of the common problems faced by site management.

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