Why Choose Flintham Cabins?

You need to keep the materials your company trade in a safe place, to make sure they can travel as many miles as you want them to and arrive in pristine condition to your client’s hands. Here at Flintham Cabins, we intuitively understand that.

Want to know why?

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1. We Know the Business

We have more than 35 years of experience. That’s more than three decades of offering our clients the best containers for shipping. Those years helping customers find the right containers for their specific needs mean we constantly evolve in order to provide the most up-to-date advice.

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2. We Offer Our Services All over UK

Do you need your stock delivered at a place you think may be too remote? Well, challenge accepted! Our goal is to have our containers reaching all corners of the country, so we’ll make sure you’ll get them where you need!


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3. In Line with ISO Standards

Let’s get a bit serious here. Whenever you contract the services of a container’s company, you want them to do what they promise and for all the processes to be smooth, easy, efficient… and legal. You can have all this with our steel containers plus the tranquillity of knowing they’re designed according to the current ISO standards.

4. Safe

We understand that safety and security is one of the main concerns when transporting or storing stock. You’ve worked hard to get all your products out and they have to arrive to your clients – who trust you will deliver them in perfect condition. Because we want to give you peace of mind, your container will come complete with locking bars, anti-jemmy lugs and secure padlocks. Because the bottom line is, we know you care about the bottom line (Not to mention your company’s reputation).

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5. Great Quality Floors

The floor is, perhaps, one of the most important parts of the container – and surely the one that will be more exposed to wear and tear. But, no worries, we’re already prepared for that too! All our containers come with a wipe-clean 28mm marine ply floor that has been sealed to certify that it is rot and vermin-proof.

6. Hiring Is Also an Option

Perhaps buying is not what you need well worry not as we also offer options for hiring a container. We have a wide range of steel container choices that will be immediately available for your company. We can even modify the containers so they can provide for your specific needs.

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7. Storm-Safe 

Yes, we know, the UK might offer the best tea in the world, but our weather is not something we can be particularly proud of! Thankfully our containers are made of Corten steel, which among its many virtues, can resist the inclemency of the British weather – meaning you can forget about corrosion. You won’t be sorry for leaving your steel containers outside without a raincoat or an umbrella!

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8. Tailored to Your Needs

Each company is unique and this is also true about their products! So whenever you get a steel container from us, you won’t be getting a product that you have to accommodate to your needs with more or less success. We will tailor it for you before, so when you receive it, it’s ready to be used.

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Here at Flintham Cabins we are convinced you will love our steel containers as much as we do. Take a look at our wide range of available sizes. Contact our friendly team today and we’ll be delighted to help!

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