Shipping Containers: Protection Against the Elements

Shipping containers are more than just a structure. They can be a home, a portable building in a construction site or a way for tradesmen to store their products – and, more importantly, they protect your goods, be it your furniture or work tools, from the elements. Steel containers are commonly used to transport merchandise by sea, and their popularity in this derives from the fact that they are highly resistant to storms, no matter if that’s rain, wind or hail.

Wind and Waterproof

When you choose a container to either transport or store your possessions, you want them to stay safe at all times. These units are designed and perfected to do just that. An example is their resistance to water, as shipping containers can withstand adverse weather conditions, like thunderstorms and heavy rain – this means they can be placed virtually anywhere, including on beaches.

In addition, steel containers are incredibly useful in natural disaster areas, such as ones where tornados and hurricanes are common. This is because they’re sturdy and durable and, if you also create a foundation for them to be placed on, they become even safer.



These units are also highly resistant to fire. While nothing can be 100% fire resistant, the very nature of containers, mainly the fact that they’re made from steel, means fire risk is minimised when compared to other constructions.

So while installing smoke alarms and flame retardant insulation inside containers is always a sound idea, just as it is with other buildings, these steel units generally offer more protection against fire, meaning they can actually be more secure.


Another natural disaster in which shipping containers can provide a great degree of safety is earthquakes. The structure of the container may move around, but it’s unlikely to collapse, which makes it a great option for locations where earthquakes are prone to happen.

Conventional structures can be extremely safe during these events as well, but due to the materials used in their construction, just as wood and brick, for example, they might not be as secure as steel containers – and tend to crumble more easily.



Containers are incredibly robust and durable structures that can protect you and your goods against the elements, but this is not the only area where they can be effective.

Mice and other creatures, like insects, can easily be kept at bay if you choose to use shipping containers as storage units or as living accommodations. The physical properties of the containers allow them to be airtight and secure, preventing small critters from entering the structure. This way you can rest assured that your home, café or shop is kept free of pests at all times.

So, shipping containers were perfected to withstand bad weather conditions, and because they’re sealed they also provide protection against pests. This makes them ideal to be used in many different locations around the world, as well as for many different applications.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you, your family or your possessions are safe is invaluable, which is why many people are using shipping containers in their daily lives. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the benefits of these units and how we can help you purchase the right one for your needs.

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