How Pop-up Markets Can Rejuvenate Town Centres

Due to the rise of out-of-town shopping malls in the 1990s and, more pertinently, the burgeoning popularity of online shopping, town centres have been struggling in recent years. Once central to the weekend experience and the focal point of most towns and cities, the town centre and its decline is a sad one, but some of our forgotten streets are starting to get their groove back.

The pop-up phenomenon

By hiring out temporary space for businesses along high streets, especially for the likes of Christmas markets, councils across the country have been able to draw people back to town centres with seasonal events. With heavy demand for such novelty, the footfall is immense, and local businesses can expect huge upturns in their interest and profits. Implemented very successfully in smaller cities such as Bath, the markets run for weeks on end, bringing in coachloads of tourists to top up the already piqued interest of the townsfolk. The result is an enormous boost to the local economy.


Low rent, high profits

A business owner who may be paying full whack for a property for most of the year can make huge savings by relying on seasonal markets. They’re not just for Christmas either: pop up markets can happen far more regularly throughout the year. The pop-up phenomenon provides vital rejuvenation for town centres whatever the month: the buzz of a good market can often attract people from across the country.

A quick, cheap premises with a modern look

At Flintham’s Cabins LTD, we provide a range of pop-up containers that will suit your business down to the ground, and the look of a container is one of particularly contemporary cool: there are dedicated sites in East London and Bristol in which containers are used to house businesses, and both are at the cutting edge of modern fashion. If you think these would be right for your business and its pop up endeavours, then please contact us today.

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