Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Shipping Containers (Part 2)

Did you read our first part on our “Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Shipping Containers”? Well, guess what; we’ve found even more interesting facts that we bet you don’t know about shipping containers! Enjoy!

Fun Fact 6

97% of all Shipping containers are made in China

We all know that China is the world’s leading manufacturer, but did you know that currently 97% of all circulating shipping containers, even those that are not used and are waiting for new users, are made in China?

Fun Fact 7

A 40 Ft container contain 8,000 shoes

An interesting fact about shipping containers is that a forty-foot container can hold eight thousand shoes; how amazing is that? If it were possible for everyone to own and fit a forty-foot container in our houses, we wouldn’t need wardrobes ever again!

Container Cargo working in Logistic Import Export area

Fun Fact 8

Shippers are secretive!

Who would have thought that shippers like to keep to themselves! Shipper associations operate in secret and are generally unidentified to the public. The associations refuse to reveal basically any information; such as how many members they have and who they may even be!

Fun Fact 9

Only 1 in ten ship crew workers have internet access while they’re working

In a time where pretty much everyone has access to the internet, still only one in ten ship workers have actual access to the internet. Also around two thirds of ship workers in the world have no way of communicating with the rest of the web connected world. Could you work with no access to the internet?!

Fun Fact 10

Shipping goods via the ocean is the main way we transfer goods on earth

More than 95 per cent of goods shipped navigate overseas. That’s around two hundred million journeys per year!

Dock With Shipping Containers

Fun Fact 11

It costs the United States in excess of 200 million to build the biggest ships

In order to build the biggest ships to export the country’s goods, its costs the United States an estimated excess of two hundred million per year… Well, it’s money well spent, you could say!

Fun Fact 12

Shipping is surprisingly very cheap!

Despite the size of the industry, shipping itself is actually very cheap!  It would cost more to deliver mail to Singapore than it would cost to ship a thousand apples from Malaysia to Texas! How about that?

There you have it! Some more interesting facts about shipping containers! Make sure you stay tuned as we will be sure to provide more interesting facts about shipping containers in the near future. In the meantime, if you are a shipping business interested in our shipping container services, get in touch!





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