Why You Should Use Containers for Your Event

Steel containers are truly versatile. They can be transformed into many different things, such as homes, offices and pop-up buildings, and offer protection against the elements. Due to this versatility, they can also be used in festivals and events, as they are, essentially, the perfect building – and have the potential to be anything you want it to be!

An example of how steel containers can be used in festivals is the fact that they can be turned into welfare units and provide first aid to festival goers. But steel containers are great for music festivals and events for many more reasons:



Many events have fun areas where attendees can play games and engage in activities that tie in with the event’s theme. A steel container can offer you the perfect place to do this, as you can add any games you want, like cards and pool, which will provide another interesting and engaging element to the event.


A shipping container can be the perfect spot for event attendees to relax, meet with friends and just chill for a while. It can also be branded, which means businesses and sponsors can have their own space to showcase their brand and offer their products.

You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to shipping containers, so create the design that will suit your event best, no matter what it is.



Another fantastic way to use a shipping container in an event is by turning it into a short-term crèche. This means children can stay safe and have fun while parents attend workshops and activities in the event – containers can also be decorated with bright, bold colours that children love, so they’re not only safe but also comfortable and happy!


A great activity that is not just directed at children, but teens and adults too – especially in music festivals! You can create an area where festival goers can have their faces painted with the bands’ symbols or any other design they wish. This also helps create a buzz and add more fun to the event.


Steel containers are the perfect addition to any event or music festival, as they can be transformed into anything. Add an extra element of creativity and fun to your event by offering a dedicated space to attendees, and you can be sure that your event will be memorable! Contact us if you wish to learn more about our shipping containers and how we can help with your event!

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