Who Uses Shipping Containers Part 2

Could you believe it? There are even more ways that shipping containers are being used to fulfil various purposes for different industries. You will be absolutely amazed by some of these uses!

We have paid tribute to some of the best!

Beach House

Yes, believe or not, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in a beach house made from shipping containers! Architect firm Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects have built this beautiful beach house which contains two bedrooms, a fireplace, a kitchen, a bathroom and bi-folding cedar shutters.

Swimming Pool

Another surprising use of shipping containers is that of a swimming pool for you and your family toenjoy!. You can customize shipping containers into a lovely swimming pool that suits your exact needs!

Pop-Up Container Gardens

If you’re worried about animals eating your plants or don’t have enough time to maintain a beautiful garden,thenusing a pop-up container garden might be the idealsolution. Pop-Up Container Gardens are easier to maintain than the standard garden, and you won’t have to worry about insects, rabbits and other animals eating away your plants.


You will be surprised that steel containers are strong enough to be used to build an actual bridge! This Eco-Container bridge, which was built by Yoav Messer Architects, is being used as a passage into Ariel Sharon National Park. This bridge is also being used to emphasis the nature and ecology of the park’s environment.

Art Studio

Who would have thought of creating an art studio from shipping containers! This art studio, which is rightly called the “container studio,” is around 840 square foot and was made using two high top 40 foot containers. New York based architect firm MB architecture designed this amazing piece of construction as a more affordable spacious solution to store artwork for world renowned artist Andrea Shapiro.

Barn house

Using shipping containers for a barn house can be a safer alternative to store your hay due to the containers, such as steel containers being resistant to fire, so there is less risk of your barn burning down. Also, using cargo containers can help protect your barn in areas of strong wind and storms.

There are far more uses of a shipping container than you could imagine. The uses of shipping containers are expanding by the minute, and before you know you it, you might be seeing entire theme parks and universities made from shipping containers. If you need shipping containers to help build your office, house, hotel, or for another purpose, then you can get in touch with us, and a member of our team can assist you in choosing the right containers for you needs.

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