Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations

Here at Flintham Cabins it is safe to say that we love a good shipping container. We also know that the world has found some amazing and fabulous ways to use them, for things that we would never have even dreamt of!

And so, in no particular order, here are our top ten uses for shipping containers… so far.

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Restaurants | Flintham Cabins Blog

One of the coolest uses for a shipping container, in our opinion, is a full-blown restaurant. The ability to create amazing, gourmet, food in such small spaces is an incredible feat for a cook to achieve. It’s a fun and slightly zany experience – it’s not every day you have dinner in a shipping container after all!

Unless you live in a shipping container home… The breadth of use for shipping containers is truly astonishing!

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Gallery | Flintham Cabins Blog

Do you sometimes feel as if you don’t exactly ‘get’ art? Well, in the modern world it takes many shapes, form, and even size. Some people are even making it portable with on the go art shows. The location for these events? That’s right: a shipping container.

GAD is the most famous example of this, a travelling gallery that was born out of the need for a temporary space to hold art. It is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Toilets | Flintham Cabins Blog

Perhaps not the nicest thing to think about, but a necessity in life, a portable toilet can be a lifesaver at festivals and other such outdoor events. Or rather, a shipping container toilet is a life saver. Especially in comparison to the traditional port-a-loo.

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Homes | Flintham Cabins Blog

One of the most known uses for a shipping container is the creation of an eco-friendly home. Increasingly, people are choosing to live in such a structure, despite the initial confusion and unsure opinions that people expressed about such homes. However, in the modern world, the shipping container home is the height of fashion and an amazing structure to behold!

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Garden | Flintham Cabins Blog

Those with a green thumb may find that a shipping container has a much more unusual use. People are beginning to use old containers as nurseries for their plants in the young stages of their life. Sometimes, modifications are even made to insert glass panels that allow the container to be a greenhouse.

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Schools | Flintham Cabins Blog

In some situations, a school needs to close for building work to be completed. But, that shouldn’t mean that students miss their education. A portable classroom is the perfect

Work has also been undergone to use shipping containers as schools in less developed countries. Schooling isn’t a privilege, so using containers to help bring learning to

Top 7 Shipping Container Innovations - Office | Flintham Cabins Blog

There are far more uses of a shipping container than you could imagine. Who knows what could be next? If you need shipping containers to help build your office, house, hotel, or for another purpose, then you can get in touch with us, and a member of our team can assist you in choosing the right containers for your needs.

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