Beyond Affordable Housing: Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers

At Flintham Cabins, we are no strangers to the popularity and practicality of a shipping container home. Indeed, such structures have been featured several times on our blog. However, from secure onsite storage to shipping goods worldwide, we know there are many other uses for containers outside of the recent home-building trend.

So, what other uses can you find outside of shipping container homes?

Data Centres

Servers and network equipment can take up a lot of space and the majority of companies rely on offsite facilities in order to survive. However, as more and more advanced computing power is needed throughout the world the more people are seeking such powerful computing at their company site. Not only is this more powerful computing at a company’s fingertips, but it also comes at a fraction of the space and with severely reduced costs (apart from the initial setup).

Cooled no matter the temperature outside by a sophisticated water cooling system, this may be the next step in business computing.

Computer Cables iStock_000061315868_Small


More often found floating on water, rather than full of it, German innovation has seen the creation of the shipping container swimming pool. These are a number of containers that have been combined and converted into a large swimming pool. Cost effective and convenient, this has offered a great means of cooling down in the area for locals.

young woman in white hat resting in pool

Medical Aide

Sometimes, medical attention is needed in places that one might not expect. For this reason, portable medical centres equipped even with solar power have become more prevalent. Particularly important in war zones or places of extreme devastation, they can help replace buildings where they may have been destroyed and offer medical assistance where it is most needed.

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In the case of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or worse the need for emergency shelter is paramount. Shipping containers are being converted into waterproof and warm temporary accommodation for such situations. In Brighton, UK, these temporary accommodation areas are also being used to help house the homeless; indeed, they have been made into self-contained flats including bathrooms and kitchens.


If you need shipping containers to help build your office, house, hotel, or for another purpose, then you can get in touch with us, and a member of our team can assist you in choosing the right containers for your needs.

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