Student Housing on a Budget

The world of university and students is one that is full of academia, lectures and scatter-brained professors. It is also famously one where saving money is vitally important for students, as they tend to live on a smaller budget than most. Providing affordable housing for the student budget, then, has become an increasing effort of councils across the country.

Part of being a student is affordability. Shipping container housing is a great way to cut down costs, both for the university and the student as it is economical to charge cheaper rent. In Falmouth, this is a project which may become a reality thanks to the efforts of the local universities.

Benefits for Locals

More than four hundred flats are being proposed for students in Falmouth, in an effort to reduce the loss of housing for locals in the town and to house the growing student population. Not only that, but it could be a site for a pool, gym and other facilities that could be open for public use also.

It will mean that local housing is not completely taken over by students, leaving plenty of room for locals, whilst also offering an increase of jobs to see the job through to completion. The possibility of a new health centre also means that it could be a site of importance for the community as a whole – increasing the ability to access healthcare in the town.

It is a fast and practical solution to an increase of the student cap allowed at the local universities, which was recently raised to several thousand despite local protests. Offering a new solution for housing allows this cap to benefit the universities without causing undue stress for locals.

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Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Only a short walk away from the university campus, the aim is to set the rent low for this shipping container flats. Saving students money on both travel and accommodation as a result. The speed of the project is also increased by using shipping containers, as students are expected to move into the site as early as September 2018.

Environmental impact is also reduced, as many containers will be recycled for the project. Recycling steel from old containers can be a costly, long and energy intensive process which actually impacts the environment quite negatively despite being recycling. Using them as a whole in a new building project saves this step and reduces the impact.

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Overall, the project is set to solve a housing conundrum and offer new jobs for the community. Not bad for shipping containers!

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