Alternate Steel Container Uses

Utilised for a wide number of functions, steel containers do more than just transport valuable cargo. As study and durable structures, they provide ideal solutions for a refurbishment that allows for stores, hotels, and even schools to be developed.

They are often recycled and easily adapted into innovative uses, which has become a more popular option around the world.


In Sheffield, the theatre company Theatre Delicatessen is opening a new pop-up venue while looking for a more permanent housing solution. While their solution is in a previously shop venue, a steel container could potentially provide a more cost effective choice.

The recreational atmosphere is the ideal place for a creative space, allowing for visitors to enjoy the the venue.

Actors Performing Shakespeare Open Air Theater. King of England



Schools can have very limited budgets, which can prove to be problematic when expansions are required. In poorer areas, they can be the answer to educational needs that can’t be met any other way.

In Carlton-in-Snaith, Primary students had the chance to visit a pop-up planetarium with a mobile cinema to learn about technology, engineering, science, and maths. Located at the Drax Power Station, the idea came from Rachael Baldwin, the station’s visitor centre manager. Her hope is to reach 25,000 students this year alone.



Enjoying the countryside is always a fun experience but sleeping it rough isn’t for everyone. Pop-up hotels are making their way into becoming a popular choice for glam camping – or glamping. The Pop-Up Hotel has been delivering exactly this since 2010, allowing Glastonbury Festival goers to have a smooth and comfortable experience.

Providing an alternate accommodation choice, steel containers can comfortably be transformed into hotels around the world for any necessity. They also give people a luxurious option to stay in, and they can easily be moved afterwards.

Modern hotel bedroom interior



Café bars are great destinations for coffee lovers in need of a top up. And what better way to provide a coffee option to customers than to open a pop-up pug café? That’s right, in London this September 2nd you can expect to see a pop-up pug café show up to delight every pug lover.

The Pug Café has popped-up before in both Brighton and Guildford, and it’s now making its way to London. With a booking fee of £5, this café promises to provide a haven for pug owners and pugs, where both can meet other pugs and eat delicious treats.



Alongside stores and cafés, restaurants are another popular trend of pop-up venues that is sweeping the world. In New Orleans, a development titled ‘Box Spot’ opened with two eateries off Elysian Fields on North Claiborne Avenue. One of the restaurants serves fries and wings, while the other one offers a more health conscious choice of wraps and salads.

Located in steel containers, these restaurants have air conditioning and both outdoor and indoor seating. Inexpensive and appealing to the younger generation, these pop-up restaurants are great for both customers and for business owners with a smaller budget.

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