Top Steps to Prevent Vandalism in Business

While it’s a difficult fact to face, vandalism is, currently, a prominent factor that needs consideration. While vandalism in the UK is falling at a quicker rate than any other type of crime it is still very much present and is a predictable feature of not just domestic properties but commercial ones too.

In 88 % of incidents of vandalism, goods and stock were stolen, and almost two-thirds of incidents involved damage to buildings and/or premises.

So, the question is, how do you prevent vandalism from becoming a concern whilst trying to run a business?

Security Guard Hut

Dependant on what type of business you are running, a security guard present on-site could really help prevent vandalism as well as general crime and theft on your premises. Not only will this be a deterrent, but if anyone tries to attempt vandalism, there will be a physical body to stop them in their tracks.

A security guard hut could be a more suitable option if you are protecting expensive equipment such as construction equipment on a building site.


Security Fencing

When possible, you could install fencing around the perimeter of your building or premises, but be sure to also add signage with “no trespassing” on. This will discourage intruders and help to prevent other types of crime alongside vandalism. For added protection, you could have an extra set of fencing around corners and passageways or even electric fencing.

 Bright Lighting

Bright lighting is a vandal’s worst enemy as they don’t want to be seen. By keeping all areas of your premises bright, especially near key areas, you will make it difficult for anyone to commit vandalism.

See it, Report it

Many people think that reporting any small act of vandalism isn’t worth it; however, this is not true. When any small crime is committed and you know of this, make sure to report it to the police.

Reporting the act can result in an arrest, meaning the number of crimes in the area could decrease.



While this can be ineffective for professional criminals, installing CCTV on your property is sure to prevent amateur criminals, as the presence of cameras is usually always a deterrent. If it doesn’t prevent the crime you are sure to catch whoever did this or will be able to aid the police in their investigation, stopping it from happening again or to other businesses.


Plants and Shrubs

While this seems like a strange deterrent, planting shrubs and bushes around your property might work. From signs to fixtures and even on balconies, flowers or plants can be an obstacle and make it difficult for a vandal to climb.

Clean it Up

Vandals want their damage to be seen, particularly in cases of graffiti. Make sure to quickly remove any evidence as this eliminates their ability to take any credit.

As soon as you or an employee sees it, clean it up and repair any damage. Don’t let them feel the pleasure of seeing their damage in daylight.

The Building Itself

There are many ways your building itself can be vandal-proof. There are types of paint you can buy as well as having window shutters, etc.

By having an anti-vandal unit, you can have a superior level of protection as well as a great business space to work or use as a comfortable and secure extra business area for staff.


At Flintham Cabins, we are proud to offer a wide range of anti-vandal units in London and the South East which are fully furnished, portable and extremely secure. We also provide security guard huts for a portable and versatile security option.

They are fully welded using 1.6mm steel and with a single personnel door with hidden internal hinges, five-level insurance approved mortice deadlock and anti-jemmy angles allowing for the highest level of security for your business.

If you would like further information on our highly secure anti-vandal units, we would love to discuss your business needs. Simply get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions or provide a quote.

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