5 Uses For High Quality Steel Storage Units

Steel containers are portable, despite being robust and sturdy. They are also flexible in terms of how they can be used, so whether you need additional office space, portable toilets for an event, or you want a steel office for use on a building site or other location, steel storage units are ideal.

Below are five ways your business can make use of steel storage units London:


1. Site Office

One of the most common uses for steel storage units in London is to use them as construction site offices. They are strong and sturdy enough that they won’t be easily damaged, and they are rigid and robust enough that they can be used on the uneven surfaces that are commonly found in this kind of location. The unit can be filled with desks and seating, and, because they can be securely locked in the evening, they are also perfect for storing some basic office equipment and other items.

With some additional heating and the inclusion of desks and chairs, they can also be used as temporary offices when office buildings are being renovated or repaired.

2. Toilets

With some modification, steel storage units can be turned into temporary, portable toilets. It is possible to connect the toilets to a mains sewage line, or, by using chemical style toilets, these units can be transported from one venue or location to another. The use of steel means smells will not easily spread across the site, making them a preferred option for festivals, as well as for a temporary solution when permanent toilets are damaged.

3. Secure Storage

Many steel units are used as storage units. The primary benefit afforded by this type of unit is its strength, and adding locks or other security measures means that the unit will be virtually impregnable.

The different sizes that are available mean that storage units can be used for anything ranging from furniture and household items to larger objects – even vehicles and other valuable items. If you manage a construction site, you can use a steel unit for storing machinery and expensive equipment overnight.

4. Refrigeration Facilities

Steel units are structurally robust, so they can be converted into refrigeration units by ensuring that all joints are properly sealed and then installing a refrigeration system.

Alternatively, a steel unit can be used to house multiple refrigeration units, giving you the advantage that you can set each unit to different temperatures while still enjoying a solid, sturdy and secure exterior building. You can even incorporate equipment that will prevent problems that are caused by electrical fluctuations.


5. Temporary Canteen Facilities

Whether you’re expanding an office or waiting for a new unit to be built, a steel storage unit can incorporate tables and chairs, desks, and even payment facilities. You can sell hot or cold food and incorporate everything that is needed to prepare and serve food, as well as offering somewhere dry and warm for staff or customers to sit and eat.

Flintham Cabins offers a wide range of steel units and storage units. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out how our products can help you.

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