Why Your Outdoor Event Needs a Portable Toilet Unit this Winter

It’s fast-approaching the time of year when public gatherings are common. This, of course, is due to events like Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Even though the winter weather never seems to be on our side, many people are happy to brave the cold – and sometimes the wind and rain. If you’re going to be regularly holding such events, it’s time to start thinking about how you could benefit from a portable toilet on your premises.

The units can serve you extremely well throughout the duration of the winter and, once you’ve reaped the rewards, it’s possible you’ll even keep one on-site, into the spring and summer. With this in mind, here’s what you can stand to gain from a portable toilet unit over the next few months.


Increased Cleanliness

There’s always a concern about cleanliness over the winter. The increased rainfall – coupled with possible outbreaks of snow – means that it’s more than possible people will often have muddy feet. This is far from ideal when they’re forced to walk through your main premises to get to your toilet during an event. Meanwhile, you can steer clear of dirtied carpets if you direct people into an on-site portable toilet. This way, it’s only the unit that risks becoming messy – and, it’s easy to clean afterwards.

Better Accommodation

Being the festive season, the winter is usually a time for family and friends. Therefore, you should expect people to come out in full force when holding an event. This is the case whether it’s an office hosting a party for staff or a pub welcoming in members of the public. The increased number of people gathering could be a drain on your resources – especially your toilet facilities. The last thing you’d want is for huge queues to amass on your main premises. On the other hand, portable lavatories accommodate multiple people and should ensure that you’re well-equipped to meet the extra demand.

Heightened Order

Organisation is key to pulling off a successful event. In fact, it’s fair to say that things could turn into a disaster if there’s no sense of order. Toilets are essential at events, however, there can be a lot of confusion concerning where the lavatories are or how to get to them. This is the type of thing that can really dampen an event and throw it into disarray. Portable toilets are large in size and clearly identifiable, and they can also be strategically placed in locations where people are most likely to see them and can gain access easily.

Don’t Miss a Trick!

It’s very nearly the busiest time of the year. If your business isn’t prepared for what’s often a sociable period where many people are welcomed on to the premises, you could find that it all of a sudden becomes a rather stressful period. Luckily, you can avoid this happening by making sure you have a portable toilet on-site. Flintham Cabins Ltd provide the best steel storage units London has to offer, so make sure get in touch to get your hands on one.

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