The Reality of Converting a Shipping Container into an Office

There are many reasons why more businesses around the UK are choosing to use converted shipping containers as additional workspace. They are quick to install and low cost when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar building. There are even companies who previously bought one of our steel storage units in London who are now looking to create a flexible office space. But what exactly is the reality of working in a converted container?


Durable and Flexible Office Solutions

A shipping container is designed to withstand being transported around the world, through all extremes, so it will easily stand up to any UK weather conditions. The container office will last for a long time if they are regularly lubricated and painted – after all, they can last 25 years when used for shipping. Many people choose a shipping container because of its ability to scale. A small business might only need one office to start with but, as the business grows, it is easy to attach additional units to create a multi-room building.

Is it Economical to Create a Storage Container Office?

There are many shipping containers available, the most economical are the insulated models which will help maintain a steady temperature in all seasons. The actual cost of fitting out your office will vary depending on your individual business requirements such as plumbing, electrical sockets, furniture and equipment. If your office will contain valuable items we are able to provide anti-vandal units London and across the UK, which can give additional protection to your office space, for your complete peace of mind.

Creating a Great Interior Design

Some imagination can help you make the most of the space limitations. If you are looking to create a sense of space, windows and mirrors can help, especially when combined with cleverly designed furniture, lighting and flooring. If you are moving from a larger office space, it can help to have a thorough sort out and declutter. The space is never limited to just one container either. If you do need extra space, it is easy to add additional containers.

Complete Location Flexibility

for those who are looking to escape a city centre office surrounding by noise and traffic, a shipping container office can be a great solution. A container is small and can be located in many rural locations. Many people are choosing to work from home and place them at the end of their garden. Large businesses have found that employees working in locations with lots of open space have improved focus and concentration, making them around 15% more productive.

If you are looking for a unique, flexible and affordable space, a converted shipping container will provide an excellent option. They are a blank canvas so it is easy to create the exact space you need. If you would like more information about how we can provide converted shipping containers for your business requirements, please contact us online or call 020 8459 6972.

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