Organising Your Steel Storage Unit For Ease Of Use

If you’ve ever needed to store anything, whether it’s the Christmas tree in the attic, rarely-used furniture in a cupboard or even a whole storage unit’s worth of items, it can be the work of just a few short days to go from knowing where everything is to ending up with a mess of items and objects what it could take an age to sift through. For steel storage units in London, we know all the tips and tricks for making your storage space more organised.

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Add Shelving

Adding shelving to a unit can be a fantastic way to make the most of the space, with industrial storage shelving being the ideal option for heavy items. Consider including a stepladder to store away so you can easily access everything whenever you need to. Bonus points if you use clear boxes for your items, making seeing exactly what you need a simple task.

For lighter items, metal garden shelves can be a fantastic and less costly method for storing things that you want to keep safe and can hold many boxes, bags or similar safely without cluttering up the floor space of the unit.

Use A Labelling System

It sounds so simple, but it’s incredibly effective. One of the easiest ways to stay organised is to utilise a labelling system and then group those items together. Whether it’s by type, by alphabet or by year, having a good labelling system can make finding what you need a far easier job.

If written labels aren’t your thing, consider grouping items by colours, using coloured masking tape to mark each box or even designate an area. A simple way to remember what is there is to utilise a key for each colour, which could be accomplished with a small bit of each colour masking tape and some marker pen near the entrance to the unit.

Sort Every Six Months

If you’re storing personal items and you find yourself running out of space to keep everything, consider having a clear-out every six months or so. After all, if you haven’t used that item for over six months, do you really need it? Having an open mind to clearing out your clutter not only gives you more space to store the items you do need, it can actually earn you some cash.

Another way to get a better picture of what you need and what you don’t is to position recently used items towards the front, moving them back as they are used less.

Put Things Back In The Right Place

It might be a very simple concept, but when we’re in a rush it might seem easier to leave things wherever – which we generally regret later! Taking the time to put items back in the same place makes it easy to keep track of where everything is, and so no time is wasted hunting through your unit every time you need something.

In addition, putting things back in the correct place can ensure, if more than one person uses the unit, that they are capable of finding what they need too.

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