7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Storage Container Instead Of A Shed

If you’re looking to install a shed in your garden or yard then you should consider installing a storage container instead. Steel storage units have a range of benefits over installing a shed, here we explore why they might be better for you.

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More Secure

No matter how good your shed is it will still be made of wood that can be smashed to pieces. A determined criminal will get into a shed and take your stuff in no time at all, but a steel container will take far more of a beating before they can get close to it.

More Durable

A shipping container will last for decades before it needs anything doing to it. A shed on the other hand will be beginning to show signs of rot and damage within 5 years unless you care for it properly and replace the roofing.

Watertight Storage

A shed will let moisture in and this will damage the goods inside over time. A shipping container is designed to be watertight for journeys over the sea, so you can keep your bikes or even your artwork in there without any need to worry. This watertight space will be far more functional for storage than a shed that will let water in.

Protection From Animals

Mice and other rodents can easily get into a shed. This makes it unsuitable for storing anything made of fabric or suitable nesting materials. A container will keep the rodents out, however, and will be able to keep the spiders and other insects that nest in your stuff at bay too.

Increased Strength

The strength of a steel container will add value to it too. The strong sides will mean you can confidently lean furniture or materials up against the walls without worrying about challenging the integrity of the structure. It’ll also be strong enough for you to confidently hang bikes and other heavy items from the sides. This added strength makes it far more functional than a shed.

Multifunctional Units

Steel containers are also far more versatile than a shed. Because they are stronger, larger and better protected from the weather they are also practical to spend time in and use as a workspace or even somewhere to jump on an exercise bike. A container will offer you a far more practical space to use than a shed ever can.

Re-Sale Value

Once you have built and used a shed you will never be able to sell it on for any more than a couple of hundred pounds if you’re lucky. This is not the case with a container, however, as the second hand container market is strong and there is no doubt that you’ll be able to sell on a container if you decide that you no longer need it.

A steel container can often cost little more than a shed to install but it will offer you a much better space to use and it will last for far longer and be easier to re-sell too. To find out more about how you can get a shipping container fitted instead of a shed, contact us today.

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