Why Your Small Business Needs Steel Storage Containers

Whether you need high-quality on-site storage or a low-cost office solution that is portable, safe and secure, steel storage containers are a great fit for your small business. Renting anti-vandal units in London is also an ideal way to secure your office fixtures and fittings during a move or a remodel.

Robust and resilient, stainless steel containers are weather, water, corrosion and rodent proof, making them ideal for storing everything from stock to sensitive documents or archives. They can even be modified to provide a bespoke storage, office or retail solution that is cost-effective and surprisingly beneficial for your business. And if you decide to relocate within the capital, then your storage container goes where you go.

Reliable and Mobile

What does your current storage look like? A cupboard stuffed to bursting? An inaccessible attic or a cellar in danger of flooding? Whether you need your business to be mobile or not, steel storage containers provide convenience and accessibility that is difficult to match because they come to you, rather than you having to travel to your storage unit.

Set Up Shop

Shipping containers are not just for storage. These super versatile units can also be the ideal way for you to set up shop as they provide the perfect blank canvas for whatever it is you’re selling. In fact, increasing numbers of savvy entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of shipping containers to avoid expensive retail and office rentals.

They’re also a great option for a pop-up shop which can help to generate some real buzz for your business and build your brand awareness. The mobility and affordability of a storage container means┬áthat you can pop up virtually anywhere, with permission of course, and really mix up your marketing.

You’ll also enjoy the freedom of setting opening hours that suit both you and your customers. In addition, using a storage container for retail won’t lock you into a long-term rental agreement, making it a flexible way to do business.

Expand Your Home Office

If you’re still running your business from your home in the capital and you’ve outgrown the space you’re in, consider steel storage units in London as a viable option for growth. If you’re not yet big enough for proper commercial premises, then adding one or more container offices or storage units allows your business to scale without huge costs or commitments. And you can choose to buy or hire your unit depending on your long-term needs.

High-quality storage units have the additional benefits of standing out from the crowd, and offering your customers something a little more quirky and unique than the identikit high street or corporate premises. No wonder they’re becoming the unit of choice for businesses as diverse as cafes, restaurants and breweries. And if your storage container is intended to be attached to your existing commercial premises then you may not even need planning permission, though it’s always best to check.

If your small business can see the potential of using steel storage units in London for storage, office or retail space then contact us for more details.

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