Choosing the Right Storage Container Company to Meet Your Needs

There are times when having a storage unit to fall back on can be a real lifesaver. Whether you need secure storage for archived business documents, or for treasured possessions when you’re downsizing, you need to choose the right storage container to meet your needs. High-quality steel storage units are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their blend of security, convenience and affordability, but how do you choose a company that offers exactly the right blend of units and services for you?

Plan Ahead for Success

As soon as you make the decision to use one or more steel storage units in London for your storage needs, then you’ll need to start shopping around for the best prices and feature set for your container. Planning ahead means you’ll also be able to book delivery of your storage unit when you need it, rather than waiting until the last minute and being unable to get a delivery slot that works with your plans.

Know What Space You Need

It doesn’t make sense to pay for space you don’t need, so before you contact a company to discuss your storage requirements you’ll need to guesstimate the size of unit you require. Once you have an idea, look for a company that offers units sized to meet your needs.

What Features Are Right for You?

Do you need anti-vandal units in London? Or is it more important that your containers are weatherproof? Will your unit be insured and will you have to pay for any damage? These are some of the questions you need to ask your storage provider before you hire your container, so you know you’re getting the features you need.

Location and Delivery

Having a container delivered directly to your door is one of the big advantages of using this type of storage, so find out what kind of delivery services are available. When deciding where to locate your unit, make sure that it’s accessible for the delivery lorry and is conveniently located for you. If necessary, can the container be moved to a new location? These are all considerations to discuss with your company of choice.

Is Your Unit Accessible?

Depending on the items you intend to store, how accessible will your unit be? If you’re storing heavy items of furniture or boxes of files, you may prefer to have a unit that sits on the ground with doors that open wide making access as easy as possible. However, if you need to keep your possessions damp-free you may prefer to hire a unit that’s elevated but which may only be accessible via steps. Your company will be able to advise you on the right balance of features for your unit.

Unique Storage

A steel container unit offers unique storage for a wide range of business and personal needs, but you need to be clear on your expectations for your unit to find the best company for you. Contact us at Flintham Cabins to discuss your storage needs and we’ll be able to deliver a steel storage unit that works for you.

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