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At Flintham Cabins, we understand the versatility and malleability of steel containers, but there are still pockets of the world that never fail to strike, stun and even pull at the heart strings of even the most steely of container enthusiasts.  Thus far in our venture into the world of crates, we have seen an influx of cafes and even humanitarian projects, but unlike the lucky guests in the container hotels, innovation never sleeps.

Steel containers have been increasingly moving away from utility uses, and towards the striking world of art installations.  In Werchter, Belgium, 2014, Spanish graffiti duo Pichi & Avo attended the North West Walls Street Art Festival and put the finishing touches to an art installation which consisted of a number of steel shipping containers, stacked on top of one another.  Greek Gods were spray painted upon the steel Mt. Olympus, and remained in the city following the end of the festival.

Other art installations include the Manchester International Festival 2011, where, once again, the containers were stacked up, but this time they included various sources of entertainment within, including a mini-cinema for children, and a plate roof which aimed to reflect the symmetry and patterns of sound.

From tall urban art structures, to small rural town structures; for the set of the multi-million dollar production, Superman: Man Of Steel, Warner Brothers opted to visit the town of Plano, IL, 50 miles west of Chicago.  To give the town a feel of Smallville, the crew built storefronts onto a structure which consisted of 20 storage containers stacked three high.

Superman Headshot - iStock_000020330137_Medium

The strength and durability of the containers meant that they were the obvious choice when standing up to the outdoor set’s Kryptonite, severe weather conditions.  Designed to be stacked 8 or 9 containers tall, they can withhold the power of category 5 hurricanes and have even been known to be the only structure standing following a tornado.

In cinema, storage containers are frequently used as an industrial backdrop to provide a mood of industry, but arranged like building blocks, they can become the portable aesthetics of a barbershop or bank, as in Superman.  Not only does this lower the potential cost of such a high budget blockbuster, but the steel containers are portable and can be set up and organised efficiently and to great effect.

 Container Lifter

However, blockbuster giants like Warner Brothers aren’t the only people who see the diversity in steel containers; obstacle course enthusiasts have been witnessing the benefit of the container’s ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly comparatively to more common obstacle course materials such as rope, hay or tyres.  Not only that, once night time sets in or the fun has to stop, these containers can also be used for their original purpose of storing less durable outdoor materials or smaller parts of the course, making them extremely convenient, as well as hard-wearing.

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In Birmingham, around 3,000 new bikes have been given to people from the more deprived areas of the city, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion and promoting cycling within the city.  A further 2,000 are to be made available as part of the Birmingham City Council’s Big Birmingham Bike initiative, which allows the residents to visit one of 22 cycle centres, with many being made from, you guessed it… steel containers.  They are to be stationed in parks and leisure centres throughout the city in what is part of a £60million Birmingham Cycle Revolution project, aiming to make cycling more accessible and an everyday form of transport.

From being pivotal in government programs to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood superstars, these steel containers sure know how to make an impact.  At Flintham Cabins, we never underestimate the creativity of our customers and have every faith in the strength, durability and quality of each container we supply, so whether you want to buy, hire or be the next big name in the world of steel container innovation, give us a call on 020 8459 6972, pop along to one of our depots or visit our contact page for a quote.