Festival Toilets: Portaloo Vs Shipping Container

Festival Season is upon us, and the excitement of getting our wellies on and seeing some of our favourites artists is too much to ‘contain’. However, there is always that one factor about a festival most people aren’t particularly fans of… The toilets. It may not be the nicest thing to think about, but whether you are an attendee at a festival, an organiser or a volunteer, there are many alternatives to the standard festival portaloo. Have you thought about the alternative of a portable steel container and how it can make the experience much nicer?



Festival Organiser/Manager

From the point of view of an organiser or member of staff at a festival, the thought of spending extra money on toilet facilities could be daunting. We’ve all seen the state that the portaloo can get into, especially after a day or two, so when organising the festival itself, it may be more than an investment to get ‘fancy’ toilets. Dependant on budget and the size of the festival this could vary significantly, but your festival goers will probably be willing to pay a little extra or separately for a trip to the cleaner and more contained facilities. Being able to wash your hands and have loo roll is a pure festival thrill! If you are a volunteer, try suggesting it to the organiser or the person behind the budget. Some of the benefits of a steel container toilet unit over a portaloo are:

  • Better for the environment
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive range of sizes and configurations
  • Regular service to replace toilet rolls and hand cleaners
  • Could work out cheaper
  • A potential long-term investment
  • Reap a higher ROI profit from attendees paying

Not only could a shipping container be a lifesaver for a clean, eco-friendly, more aesthetically pleasing solution, but there are many other ways you could use shipping containers to their highest potential at a festival:

  • Mobile Shower Block
  • Community/Art Area
  • Health Centre
  • First aid area
  • Lost property



The Festival Goer

Even though the toilets should never put you off going to your favourite festival, the toilet situation can be a big no-no for festival goers. At many festivals, you can pay for a VIPee experience, and most attendees will gladly pay a little extra for a chance to maybe wash their hands or even clean their teeth of a morning!

As a usual festival goer, it goes without saying that when your experience is better, you are more likely to return, spread the word of how fantastic the festival is, and generally have a better time! We all know the numerous ways and have seen the long list of articles that provide us with alternatives to the dreaded portaloo. From a ‘bog in a bag’ to a ‘shewee’, the unusual inventions go on. From using steel container toilet units, festivals would be a much cleaner place, and generally… nicer.

At Flintham Cabins, we are proud to offer an extensive range of toilet units, which are no-doubt going to make your festival planning or attending a breeze! The self-contained lavatories require no mains water, power or sewage which means they can be used at any location; whether in the middle of a field or outside a venue! Not only that, but the units include hand washing facilities, soap dispensers, hand towels as well as air vents, a regular toilet roll replacement, and hand cleaners. Health and Safety standard are no problem for us!

If you would like to know any more information regarding our steel containers for hire, you are welcome to give us a call on 0208 459 6972, or get a quick quote online. We would love to transform your festival from a ‘LOOser’ to the Best Fest: because the toilets can make that much difference to the reputation of your event, and the enjoyment of your guests!

Wouldn’t you like your event to be on the shortlist of ‘Best Festival Toilets’ Awards, like Bestival, Kendal Calling and Creamfields?  Exhilarating



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