3 Benefits of Anti-Vandal Storage Units

One of the chief concerns of companies who store assets in areas accessible to the public is security. The equipment and machinery in storage units is often extremely valuable, which would naturally make it a target for thieves and vandals. Losing equipment to such crimes can be a very costly affair for any business, so there needs to be appropriate storage units to protect against these dangers.


Often, there is only space for storage facilities in remote areas, where neither cameras nor employees can keep a constant eye on the safety and security of the contents. To help combat this, Flintham Cabins Ltd provides some of the best anti-vandal units London has to offer.

Many companies find that anti-vandal housings are the best long-term, cost-effective solution to the fears about security, and there are some unique benefits to be enjoyed. Below are 3 of the major benefits your business can get from investing in anti-vandal units.

1. Protection From Both Opportunistic and Seasoned Vandals

The primary benefit of an anti-vandal enclosure is the fact that it is specially designed to withstand break-ins. Whether vandals or thieves attempt to use tools or brute force, every unit has undergone thorough testing to ensure it is vandal-proof.

The units are generally rated firstly by their ability to withstand the intrusion of liquids, and secondly by their ability to withstand break-ins and vandalism. The ratings go from the lowest protection of SR1 to the maximum SR5.

You can expect SR1 to protect against opportunists using tools such as pliers or knives, while an SR5 will keep out highly skilled break-in attempts that utilise machinery. Generally, a rating of SR2 or SR3 will be sufficient protection.

2. Low Maintenance Requirements

Another convenient benefit of quality anti-vandal storage units is the minimal need for maintenance. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is the common material of construction, and it makes for an excellent enclosure. It is lightweight but incredibly robust, so it is absolutely ideal for remote, outdoor applications.

In addition to vandals, you’ll find that exposure to chemicals and extreme weather conditions will struggle to damage a GRP structure, so you won’t have lots of repair expenses to worry about. This is a great feature for companies who want to focus their budgets elsewhere, and who need to store equipment in areas that are remote or suffer harsh climates.

3. Built for Rugged Durability

As previously mentioned, all anti-vandal units undergo an industry standard testing process to ensure they are accurately classified for their ability to withstand vandalism. It can be helpful to look out for whether a manufacturer puts its units through fire protection tests.

This isn’t a legal requirement, but many companies do choose to do so. This check assesses the unit’s structural integrity on load-bearing walls when exposed to fire for extended periods of time, helping to ensure your machines and equipment are safe from fire damage.

Flintham Cabins Ltd offer some of the best storage options in London, and if you want to enquire about how our anti-vandal units are tested, please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how we can help with your storage needs in the future.

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