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Full Security Bespoke Shipping Containers Made to Any Specification

The term ‘upcycling’ may have come up when discussions are undertaken regarding the bespoke container conversion process, but that doesn’t quite do the process justice. Our engineers work to structurally modify any pop-up containers to meet your specifications when carrying out shipping container conversions, so even open-plan designs are possible to create.

All our bespoke containers are manufactured to ISO standards and made from materials such as corrosion-resistant steel and finished for maximum durability and resistance to wear, tear and pest damage. Of course, we understand that open-plan pop-up containers can give some owners security concerns if they’re not properly set up, which is why we typically engineer fully lockable containers that can be secured when they’re not in regular use. This means that an open-plan container bar can be locked down, and the bespoke containers can even be manufactured to look like standard ISO shipping containers from the outside.

Bespoke Shipping Containers Ideal for a Range of Applications

Due to the majority of shipping containers being made from steel with a protective coating, they are extremely hard-wearing, durable and resistant to rust. This is one of the best selling points for using a bespoke container for your shop, home or other purposes because you know the time and money invested on the inside is protected by the protective exterior. Not only are bespoke shipping containers hard-wearing, but they are also much smaller and easily transportable on the back of a lorry. So you are never tied down to one specific place. If you are a street food vendor or a festival food vendor then a pop-up shipping container may be perfect for you. Insulation, windows, electrics, toilets, as well as your other usual features of a small building, can be integrated and easily fitted into your bespoke shipping container. You will be sure to catch a customer’s eye in one of Flintham’s bespoke containers.

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Our cost-effective and highly adaptable pop-up containers are being used to revolutionise industries like marketing, retail and the holding of events, as they allow a combination of technology and architecture with a freedom of design, and they’re good for the environment too. Flintham Cabins are your first port of call for all of your steel containers no matter what your requirements are. To discuss your requirements for pop-up and bespoke containers with the experts here at Flintham Cabins, please don’t hesitate to contact our team by calling 020 8459 6972020 8459 3114, or sending us a fax at 020 8459 5984.


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