4 Benefits of Living in a Shipping Container Home

Here at Flintham Cabins, we’re not just suppliers of portable buildings and new container units in London; we’re also pretty good at providing you with up to date and fascinating industry news. Especially when it comes to the world of shipping container designs.

As you’ve probably gathered from the numerous news articles we’ve discussed on our blog, shipping container homes having been gaining popularity over the last few years. Houses that have been built using new and old shipping containers have been popping up all around the world, with more and more people realising the benefits of doing so.

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of your own shipping container home or you have no idea why anyone would be possessed to live in a house built from a steel box, we think you’ll find the following information very interesting.

Low Cost

The low costs involved with building a shipping container home is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of choosing to do so. They are a lot more affordable than building a traditional house – shipping containers are cheaper to buy than materials such as brick and steel.

Another reason for their affordability is due to the fact they are already structured and durable when bought. A shipping container already includes flooring too, so you don’t have to spend money getting it fitted. You just need to make sure that your building is appropriately insulated before moving in.

Quick Construction

Another fantastic benefit of choosing to build a shipping container home is because they are exceedingly quick to be constructed. Whilst a traditional home could take anything from 5 months onwards to be living worthy, a shipping container home could take less than a month.

Again, this is because the walls, floors and ceiling are already constructed upon buying the shipping container. You just need to properly insulate and decorate how you wish. A lot of the construction takes place elsewhere too and then is moved to your plot of land when it’s finished.

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They Are Durable

There is a reason why shipping containers are used to ship cargo and fragile items right across the world; they are extremely tough and durable. They are made to resist extreme weather that they may face whilst in transition, so they are definitely resilient. In fact, they are a lot more durable than any other type of eco-friendly building. All in all, they are a brilliant and ideal building material

They Look Unbelievably Cool

There are lots of advantages to building a home out of shipping containers, such as price, durability, environment reasons, flexibility; we could write about the benefits all day, However, more than anything, a huge  benefit of shipping container living is that they look amazing! Your build will draw attention and interest from around the world! With the flexibility involved in shipping container homes, you can make it look as incredible and unique as you like!

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Did any of these shipping container benefits surprise you? Are you now determined to start planning your very own shipping container masterpiece? If so, we can help you get started. Supplying steel containers in a range of different sizes, we can give you plenty of advice on how to transform them into your very own pop up home.

Just contact us on 020 8459 6972 for more information.

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