5 Billion Bananas: Sums With Storage Containers [infographic]

When it comes to storage containers, size matters. You need to know exactly how much space you’re going to need to store all of your goods in. Too little space, and you’ll find yourself wishing you’d bought something bigger; too much space, and you’ve wasted your money.

In order to help you find the perfect solution for your storage needs, we’ve created this handy visual guide. Whether you’re looking to store 100 velociraptors or 5 billion bananas, we’ve got you covered.

Flintham Cabins Infographic---resized (2)


It’s been three years since we first published this infographic, and we’re aware that there are plenty of other trendy items that you may want help with storing:

485,520 copies of the iPhone X

I wonder how much the container would shake if they all vibrated at once?

65,360 Tangle Teezers

That’s enough Tangle Teezers to give to a football stadium’s worth of people (The Heinz Field stadium, in particular, which can hold 65,050 viewers).

12,800 Tins of Heinz Beans

Speaking of the Heinz Field stadium, beans never get old. Aren’t you glad to know that you could store so many of them? Alongside your lifetime’s supply of bananas, you could store enough beans to eat one tin every day for 35 years.

If all of these mind-blowing storage container facts have helped you to decide exactly which storage option is right for you, then it might be time to take a look at our wide range of steel storage units in London - we’re sure there will be a perfect option for every need. We’ll be happy to help you with all of your steel container hire queries (although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to store billions of bananas).

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