The Art of Extreme Recycling

Recycling is an important factor of any business plan now more than ever; to be caught amidst bad eco-practices can see the reputation of your company plummet, and we all know how that will affect your sales.

To be an avid recycler is to show that you – and your company – are responsible and forward thinking, but the act of recycling can be more than statistics about how much plastic you have saved from our oceans this year. If you are proud of your eco-friendly habits and want to go the extra mile, then you could take a page or two from these extreme creations.

Shipping Container Food Plaza

You have heard of recycled steel storage containers as homes, offices, pop-up shops and even portable toilets. But, how about a food plaza? That’s right, not a restaurant but a full-blown plaza. From pizza to ramen noodles and straight to bon-bons, Long Beach in California is enjoying tasty treats in one of the most recycled structures in the area.

Not only is it a great recycling project, but it was an effort to create a community hub that would make eating out in the area much more pleasant. Better yet, the food looks scrumptious; an extreme recycling success.

Plastic Gardening

Another case of extreme recycling comes from a fun gardening project that uses plastic bottles to create green spaces in working environments. By using plastic containers as plant holders, not only are we making use of plastic that would otherwise be wasted, we are helping the environment by caring for more plants, and more plants will help to remove harmful CO­­­­2 from our atmosphere.

You could consider using this as a team building activity to boost morale and creativity in your workplace. There is a lot of potential for fantastic creations such as this hanging display:

Grow plants in plastic bottles

Similar displays have also been created in the shape of chandeliers, artistic displays and more. Such things help to display the creativity of the business as well as their dedication to recycling.


Bottle Boat

A popular thought experiment that can come up during small talk is this one: you are about to be stranded on a desert island, but what do you bring you with you?

A practical person might respond with a tent or survival kit, a nostalgic person might request that they keep their favourite novels, and we would eagerly respond with steel containers, but the right answer could actually be plastic bottles – lots of them.

If you’re hoping to escape the desert island, then you could build a boat from plastic bottles. If you chose to stay on the desert island, then you could use the bottles to create a sophisticated garden, build a shelter, or even farm salt from the sea.

The plastic brick movement is a real cause that is about reusing those fiddly bits of non-recyclable plastic, such as crisp packets and chocolate wrappers. By shredding these wrappers and feeding them into bottles, you can create a block of plastic that could later become a house or a boat.

If you are keen to improve attempts to recycle in your business, then you could start with our eco-friendly steel container hire for all your storage expansion needs. Unlike plastic, steel is easily recyclable so you can be confident that the environment is safe when you use our steel storage containers.

There are plenty of businesses that could be doing more to support world health, which means that you could be presenting yourself as a pioneer; all you have to do is recycle.

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