The Art of Extreme Recycling

In the modern era, recycling is the be all and end all of a responsible business plan. So, it’s safe to say that many people have gone that extra mile to make recycling in business even more creative and special.

So, what are some examples of extreme recycling that have helped the environment greatly?

Shipping Container Food Plaza

You have heard of shipping containers as homes, offices, pop-up shops and even portable toilets. But, how about a food plaza? That’s right, not a restaurant but a full-blown plaza. From pizza to ramen noodles and straight to bon-bons, L.A. is enjoying tasty treats in one of the most recycled structures in the area. Which is saying a lot for L.A.

Not only is it a great recycling project, but it was an effort to create a community hub that would make eating out in the area that much more pleasant. Better yet, the food looks absolutely scrumptious! A definite case of an extreme cycling win!

Plastic Gardening

Another case of extreme recycling comes from a fun gardening project that has swept through the business world. Using plastic bottles, which businesses generate in droves, to create greenery in the work environment which are green in both senses of the word. This has also been used as a way to create a unique aesthetic in a business, as hanging plastic water bottles filled with plants create an interesting vertical display.

Grow plants in plastic bottles

Similar displays have also been created in the shape of chandeliers, artistic displays and more. Such things help to display the creativity of the business as well as their dedication to recycling.

Bottle Boat

If you are every stranded on a desert island, what should you take with you? Plastic bottles, lots and lots of plastic bottles. Enough to make a small boat which can carry you back to civilisation. Seem impossible? Well, with enough determination and the know-how this is a real possibility. Does it have a business application? Perhaps for a cool charity project. If your team succeed you have a cool boat, if they fail you have a wet team that you can have a giggle at. Either way, it’s a great example of extreme recycling at its best.

toy ship on the sea background

Are you keen to start extreme recycling in your business? If you need eco-friendly shipping containers to help build your office, house, hotel, or for another purpose, then you can get in touch with us, and a member of our team can assist you in choosing the right containers for your needs.

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