The Benefits of a Portable Office

One of the great things about shipping container architecture is that it can be portable – recently we looked at brands like Snoozebox and Sleeping Around who have created hotels which move around and show up in new locations every few weeks, or get carted across the country to events like festivals, and the same can be achieved with your office. So, why might you benefit from a portable or temporary office?

Keep Busy During Office Renovations

Whether you’re having some much needed repair work, or even a complete revamp in your main office it can be difficult to know how to stop your entire operation from coming to a complete stand still. A portable office can be brought onto your premises so you don’t have to relocate, you can keep an eye on the building work, and you can avoid losing valuable working hours – as soon as you need to vacate your main office, a portable option can be ready to go!

Available On Your Schedule

There are a variety of different time constraints that might make a portable office the best option for you; we’ve already looked at building work on current office buildings, but it could also be the case that you need some premises quickly and don’t want to wait for a new build when a portable office will be available immediately. Whatever your schedule, steel cabins can pop up when and where you need them.

Modular for More Control

Unlike moving into an existing building which already comes with a set layout – one which you may not even be able to change if you’re only there temporarily – shipping container offices are modular, so you can choose the exact components that work for your company set-up and have a bespoke building assembled accordingly.

Modify What Doesn’t Work


A modular building can also be modified if you decide it isn’t working for you anymore. Too many people traipsing through your office to get to the bathroom? Move it. Tired of walking too far to get to the kitchen every time you fancy a cuppa? Move it. Just want to confuse people when they turn up on Monday morning? Well, now you have the flexibility to tread in the footsteps of Michael Scott pull an incredible prank.

Great for the Environment

Oak Leaf -iStock_000006844256_Medium

The simple set up and lack of extensive building work required to get a portable office up and running means that they’re an incredibly environmentally friendly option, especially if the alternative is erecting a whole new building. Customers are always on the lookout for ethical companies to take their business to, so choose the environmental option to build up some eco credibility.

Get a Fantastic Return on Investment

Shipping container offices are incredibly cost effective, and the money that you save will be reflected in your books at the end of the year. If you only need a temporary workspace to use while construction work is being completed then it makes a lot more financial sense to go for a temporary structure rather than a permanent one! And, since these offices are customised to your needs, you’re only paying for what you actually want.

For top quality steel container hire in London, Flintham Cabins have your back. Our portable office cabins can be used to accommodate your company in the short term – especially useful if you need somewhere to work in an emergency – but we also offer leases that run for 5 to 10 years, so you can make a temporary office a long term solution if its unique qualities suit your needs. Contact us today, online or at 0208 459 6972, to find out more about the many options that we have available to you.


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