The Benefits of a Steel Container

A steel container can be an amazing investment, both for your business needs and as a more permanent architectural solution. The pros of such a purchase, or even renting a container, are enough to make them a fantastic choice for many of your building and transport needs.

There are some amazing uses for steel containers, but what exactly makes these containers so amazing and a popular resource?

A Green Solution

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The reusable nature of shipping containers means that they are a great green solution for all your shipping, building or architectural needs. Green initiatives are becoming a core asset of businesses across the nation as it is beneficial for both people and the environment. Reusing a steel container fits well into the key recycling tenet of reducing waste. Used containers are just as good and functional as the new, meaning that they are also a great money-saving option.

When a container is no longer useful, or funds are needed but the container is not, the metal can also be scrapped for money. Alternatively, it can be used to create new containers or in other projects.


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Whether you need a steel container for construction, a pop-up market or to build your eco-friendly new home, there is a shipping container for you. It has become a real trend in modern home design to create a number of wonderful structures using shipping containers. The shipping containers have become the chameleon of the building world. A pop-up market will also benefit from the ability to rent shipping containers. If you only have a use for a steel container for one day or any period less than a week, buying one may seem to be an extravagant cost. Renting is a financially affordable alternative, making the pop-up revolution as popular and sustainable as it is.

Building Projects

Housing problem solution

A container can morph into homes, shops, beach huts and even temporary housing for the homeless. The steel shipping container seems to have no limits to its uses. A home built using shipping containers can be as much as 20% cheaper than a more traditional build, creating cheaper rent for more cost effective housing solutions across the UK. It seems that the shipping container has become the height of modernity.

Ultimately, a shipping container can be as stretched as far as your imagination allows, making it the perfect solution for many projects; both temporary and permanent.

A steel container can be the solution to a number of key construction and architectural issues you may have, the versatility of these containers is simply unmatchable. For more information about shipping containers and how Flintham Cabins can help choose the right one for you, simply contact us today on 0208 459 6972.

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