Thinking Inside the Box with Steel Containers for Your Start-up

From Pop Brixton to the Amsterdam Science Park, steel containers are creating incubator hubs for entrepreneurs. Vibrant communities and businesses are flourishing in these robust and rust proof containers, ideal for everything from pop-up shops and restaurants to office space and warehousing.

With rental costs pricing young professionals out of brick and mortar premises, Steel Container Hire London allows your start-up to establish a cost-effective presence in the capital. And with no limits on how you can use your container space, you’re free to maximise your creativity and take your business where your competitors will struggle to follow.

steel shipping container for homes

Be Budget Savvy

Affordability is probably the single biggest advantage for entrepreneurs renting steel containers. You won’t be tied down by an expensive lease, especially if you discover that the location of your office doesn’t work for your business. Inconveniencing staff and putting a drain on your scant resources is a recipe for disaster.

Think of your steel container as a kind of bigger basement or spare bedroom. Remember, Apple got their start in a garage! Your steel container gives you that same flexibility to create a low-cost start-up with your own modifications, so you can pop up a shop or restaurant or network with other businesses with ease.

The built-in impermanence of a community like Amsterdam’s Start-up village also works to keep your business lean, agile and sustainable. By upcycling a steel container into a hip workspace you’ll create minimal environmental impact, and at the end of its life your container can be recycled again.

A Bespoke Business

With recent advances in steel container technology, you can create a bespoke environment that meets the precise needs of your business. You can put your individual stamp on your container, creating a true reflection of what your business stands for.

Need to test the viability of your business concept or product range? Steel containers allow you to fail fast or succeed faster without the expense of bricks and mortar. If you want to pop up a seasonal summer store or capitalise on the Christmas gift-buying season, flexible steel containers let you create the bespoke and temporary setting you need to maximise your short-term seasonal profits.

Pop-up shops and restaurants are becoming a familiar concept, and no wonder. Customers enjoy the quirky aesthetic and eclecticism of the container experience while businesses appreciate the opportunity to put themselves on semi-permanent footing. Steel containers are more convenient than food trucks open to the elements and can be located together in retail and food outlets like Boxpark in Croydon.

But containers can also help you to create some unique energy about your business. Place your shipping container in an unusual location – on a beach, or in a forest clearing – and you’ll create a real buzz about your business. Your customers will love the unusual destination, generating word-of-mouth about your great new restaurant or retail opportunity.

Adaptability and Sustainability

If you’re an online retailer, you may not need office space at all. However, you do need affordable storage space that’s conveniently located and yet totally secure. If you work from home, then there’s no more convenient way to have your stock at your fingertips than using Steel Container Hire to create a bespoke inventory storage space.

Locate one or more steel containers in your garden and you’ll minimise your storage overheads while keeping stock weatherproofed and in optimum condition. Add a couple of smart cameras for security and rest easy in the knowledge that you and no one else controls access to your containers and their contents.

In fact, location is often critical to the success of a start-up and that’s another smart reason to invest in steel containers. They can be sited wherever you have permission without the need for foundations, offer endless design possibilities when grouped together and can even be relocated at the drop of a hat.

You’ll also send out a strong green message to your potential clients and customers and that can be a powerful business advantage. Leveraging the sustainability of steel containers to demonstrate your environmental credentials can give you an edge on your rivals.

Talk to the Professionals

If thinking inside the box represents the flexible and affordable solution for your start-up, why wait? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on steel containers London to meet your needs.

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