How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Office

Choosing a location for your new office building can be a very challenging decision. There are lots of different factors that you need to take into consideration and it’s very important that you think it through completely beforehand – your choice will affect your business after all. The wrong choice could cost you business, customers and money.

So where do you begin? Faced with lots of different options to consider, it’s not surprising to be left feeling overwhelmed. We’ve put together some of the most crucial things to keep in mind when deciding on your perfect location.

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Reputation of the Area

If you have your heart set on a specific office space, you need to first consider the area in which the building is located in. Has the area got a reputation for being “rough” or “unsafe?” These are things that could affect the way that potential (or existing) customers view your business. You want to relocate to an area that people will have no problem coming to. Check out the crime statistics for the area –is your staff and office equipment going to be safe?

Buildings Close By

When choosing your new office space, it’s essential that you consider the buildings that are going to be located around you – who are your neighbours? You don’t want to be located close to any business that could be considered as competition, or you don’t want your closest neighbour to be a pub or nightclub. It’s also worth checking whether you’re going to be in an area that is considered as being “residential” as this could also affect whether you should move your office there.


Public Transportation

Finding an office space that is close to public transport should be essential on your list of things to consider. Choosing a space that is only assessable by driving is going to drastically limit the amount of people who will apply for jobs at your business. Good transport links are very important. Who will be visiting your office on a daily basis? Where are they coming from? How can they easily reach your office?

Amenities in the Area

You should research your chosen location to determine what types of amenities are in the area, especially those that are going to be important to your staff. For example, are there places nearby that your employees will be able to purchase their lunch? Is there somewhere local in which you can take important clients for dinner or a drink? How about somewhere for purchasing emergency office supplies? Whilst not the most important factor to consider, most employees will appreciate being close to shops and banks so that they can carry out errands on their breaks.

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When attempting to find an office space that includes all of the above factors, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, there can actually be a really good solution to your problem – modular buildings.

Not only do modular buildings offer you a fantastic and flexible solution that could help you find a space that has everything you need, they also give you a convenient option that can be customised when and as you wish.

To find out more about the portable buildings that we specialise in at Flintham Cabins, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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