Should You Choose a Portable Office?

Portable buildings are becoming more and more popular within a variety of industries. There are so many benefits for choosing a portable over a traditional build, and we’re pretty excited that more businesses are finally taking advantage of these incredibly useful buildings!

One such business type which can benefit greatly from investing in a portable building is the office. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons you should opt for a portable office!


One of the main draws of choosing a portable building over a traditional building is that they are much more flexible with regards to their design and functionality.

Green home container

It’s much harder – and much more hard work – to change the way a permanent building looks, which often makes it hard for offices to update how they look, simply because of the disruption it will cause.

However, with a portable building, adaptations and updates can be easily made with very little in the way of disruption. This flexibility is very attractive to those businesses with offices, as the nature of office design and function is always changing – making it easy for them to keep in the loop with the latest office environment trends!


If you have ever looked into renting an office space, you’ll already know how extortionate the rent can be – especially in the bigger inner cities. This often means that smaller businesses who need an office space are generally paying over the odds – that’s if they can afford it at all.

Mobile Home Container

Instead of squandering money on rent for an office space that ultimately isn’t really theirs, businesses could invest in portable offices instead. It is a long term investment and they’ll have more freedom with what they can achieve with their space than in a rented fixed office.

It will also be generally cheaper in the long run, too; something that many businesses are looking for – no matter how big or small they are! Any saving is better than no saving at all, right?

Quickly Erected

Many businesses are expanding at an incredible rate, which often means that bigger office suites are always in demand. There’s already a shortage of office space as it is, so finding somewhere fast is generally a rarity.

Modular Work Sheds

This is when portable buildings come into their own and stand out from traditional builds. Rather than waiting months – if not years to move your staff into a comfortable environment, why not opt for a building which can be quickly erected and made to feel homely?

It’s not just for businesses with an over abundance of staff, either. Many businesses are required to relocate quickly to areas depending on the nature of their work (contractors, we’re looking at you guys!) and will need to base themselves somewhere almost immediately. With a portable building, you have a base ready and waiting for you – it will just need to be relocated to where you need to be!

Have we convinced you that your business can benefit from a portable office? Feel free to get in touch with us today and find our how Flintham Cabins can help your business with our range of portable units!

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