Can YOU Contain Your Christmas Spirit?

At Flintham Cabins, we aren’t struggling to contain our Christmas spirit; in fact, we love filling our steel containers with it. In this blog, we’ll share our favourite Christmas decorating tips and hints for keeping warm in our containers this Winter.


Decorating a Tiny Space

Some people make their homes out of steel containers, and we know that it can be hard to decide between functionality and decoration, but don’t worry because we ’re here to help you decide what you can fit and where.


-          Ceiling

The ceiling is the perfect place for you to start your decorations as it’s an unused space in many buildings. Draping tinsel, bunting, or paper snowflakes can bring Christmas to life in any building. If you’re using a portable building as a classroom then you could get the kids to make their own snowflakes and really fill the space with beauty.

Tie some string to each snowflake and dangle it from the ceiling with some tape. Be careful when removing the tape if you’re trying this technique in a home with painted ceilings, as it could cause the paint to flake.


-          Walls

Bare walls are also your opportunity to get decorating. Hanging up an advent calendar can be a great way to get everyone excited about Christmas. In a classroom scenario, you can designate a different day to each child in the run-up.

Strings of Christmas cards also look great on a bare wall. If you don’t currently receive Christmas cards, then start sending your own out and you’ll soon be accumulating your own. If you’re just starting out, consider making your own personalised cards, if you have time – it will pay off when you hear how much people love the effort you put in.

Wreaths can also fill a bare space with Christmas joy. You don’t have to go with live wreaths if you don’t fancy paying out for something that’s going to drop dead leaves all the time – simply grab a wire clothes hanger, stretch it out into a circle and wrap tinsel and baubles around it. Hanger wreaths also have the benefit of the hanger-hook, giving you options for where you can hang them.


-          Christmas Tree

If you have the floor space for a Christmas tree, that’s great! If not, don’t worry. You might be able to fit a small table-top tree somewhere instead. Don’t be fooled by the trend towards purchasing trees which stretch from floor to ceiling. A small tree is both elegant and functional – perfect for your container.


-          Lights

Christmas lights inside and out will broadcast your Christmas Spirit to everyone around. If you’re using a storage container as extra room for tools or supplies in your workplace, adorning the outside of your container with lights can bring a bit of cheer to otherwise cold and harsh working conditions.


-          Extras

If you’re holding an event in your portable building or container, a sprig of mistletoe in the doorway could be a fun touch. Decorating the windows with paper snowflakes suggests it’s snowing outside, which is sure to bring a smile to your guests, without the usual worry that real snow can bring.


-          Music

Music takes up very little space, but with it, you can fill a large area with Christmas spirit. Bring in a radio or MP3 and start up your Christmas playlist to get everyone excited for the big day.


Keeping Warm

If you work in a portable building, such as a security guard hut, you might be worried about keeping warm while you work this winter. Electric radiators are a great choice because they can be portable and are fairly low-cost to run. They struggle to warm up a large room but are perfect next to a desk or in a small space. Halogen heaters may prove cheaper to run, although they aren’t quite as safe and could cause unnecessary worry.

If you can’t contain your Christmas spirit this season and need to utilise our steel container hire facility, you will find that our containers come with anti-vandal locks and structures to keep you and your belongings safe. Decrease the risk of your Christmas being ruined by a break-in when you buy an anti-vandal unit.


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