Creative Containers: An Artists Haven

If you’re still thinking of steel containers as simply storage features, you’ve got another think coming. Recently we’ve seen a shift in the artistic world, a shift that’s taken innovative thinking outside of normal materials and twisted everyday industrial items into exciting and challenging works of art.

You may recall that, in a previous post, we spoke about how two Japanese sculptures were created out of containers. Well we’ve recently discovered two individual unique uses for containers in Sweden and Poland; art cities.


stacks of shipping containers at a port

KontenerArt- Poland

The 7th instalment of the successful KontenerART in Poznan, Poland, is an interchangeable city of steel containers, according to designboom. Built to accommodate a host of artistic events starting on the first of every May, the instalment offers concert venues, art stalls and containers filled with artwork for visitors to admire and learn from.

Designed by Adam Wiercinski, the masterful arrangement of steel containers is swapped around and changed every year to improve the space and design. We have to say, you certainly wouldn’t ever get bored, every year offers something new to see and do and the layout is never the same!


Row of artist paintbrushes closeup on old wooden rustic backgrou

BIG- Switzerland

Similar to KontenerART, Swiss studio Bureau A were inspired by historical architecture to design BIG, a system of 50 steel containers spaced out to resemble the ancient Stonehenge.

Dubbed ‘Steelhenge’, this feat of architectural design isn’t for mere aesthetics. The structure is a working piece of art which housed a four day party in June to celebrate the high art of Geneva. Creative art stalls were housed inside containers, stages for concerts took over the centre structure and the containers themselves allowed those visiting BIG to explore their own creative influences.


Sunset over Stonehenge


We’d love to see something like this happen over here in the UK. Spreading art through the innovative use of sustainable, efficient containers is a unique and inspiring way to get people young and old to think outside the box and enjoy the imagination and creativity of individuals.

Perhaps you could come up with the next architectural container wonder? Whatever you need your container for, you can be sure that our efficient, reliable containers are perfect for you. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today on 020 8459 6972. If you’d like to keep up to date with our latest news, don’t forget you can now follow us on Twitter!


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