Detroit Converts Crisis into Success

Over the past few years there’s been something of a revolution in the wonderful world of shipping containers. Formerly they were little more than a simple and sturdy receptile for goods to be transported around the world. But now? Well, they’re fast becoming the go-to commodity for easing a crisis in housing that can sometimes seem like it’s spiralling out of control.

It just goes to show just what’s possible with a bit of conversion know-how and a dash of creativity. In fact, converting containers into all manner of locations, from stores to hotels to hostels for the homeless has now become almost standard across the globe. And now Detroit, in Michigan, is getting in on the act.


Prior to that bothersome ol’ recession which hit in 2007, the city was famous for its car production and factory plants. And inside one of those factories is where the current container conversions are happening. The factory in question is the Hamtramck Assembly plant which is owned by General Motors, and is more usually home to the assemblage of the famed American Chevrolets vehicles. It’s hoped that this could prove to be a model for easing the housing crisis that besets Detroit.


Once the final, magical touches have been put to the 40ft container it’ll be shipped to the non-profit Michigan Urban Farming Initiative to serve as a base for those researching the viability of container conversions. Measuring 320 square feet, the container home will have room for two bedrooms, a kitchen and that ever-important bathroom.


Michigan Urban Farming Initiative spokesman, Tyler Gersh said: ‘It’s scalable, works for everyone,  and it’s not going to ruin the environment. It’s easier to maintain and can re-purpose existing materials.’


Adding to Gersh’s comments was David Darovitz, spokesman for General Motors, who stated: ‘I loved the idea of taking and reusing an old shipping container and giving new life. It can be used as a model for a bigger idea.’


With around 40,000 empty homes in Detroit due to be demolished, this awesome container conversion could prove to be the most successful candidate in sorting out a problem that affects thousands in the US city. Fingers crossed others see the potential in conversions such as these!


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