A Giant Game of Tetris: A look at the Modern Container Port

However you dress them up, shipping containers aren’t exactly glamorous, functional yes, but having stayed the same for more than half a century they are too familiar to be cool!

The places that contain them though are a different story; they are vibrant hubs of industry in which millions of tons of products are imported, stored and distributed. Containers with everything from, buttons to bus parts arrive and are quickly stored or sorted for distribution all over the UK.

London Gateway -iStock_000060612780_Medium

London Gateway

The newest container storage facility in the UK, London Gateway, is based in Essex and despite being only 2 years old is an incredibly well established container storage facility. Located on the mouth of the Thames, London Gateway is perfectly placed to receive goods from the whole of Europe.

When seen up close there is no doubt that you are in a world of giants in a modern shipping yard as heavy machinery 20 metres high rolls past on rails. These incredible cranes that stack containers and deposit them in their exact allocated location are just the tip of a hugely technological iceberg. Every single container that comes in is closely computer tracked during it’s time at London Gateway.

Minimal Human Involvement

In order to minimise the risk of injury t people, this container storage facility utilises the latest computer technology to track and move all the inventory that arrives. Operators can remotely control the cranes throughout the yard and can quickly and efficiently move stock around completely without any physical danger to themselves or others.

Cargo distribution

This lack of human involvement has not only led to it being far safer but it is also a far more precise system.

A Giant Game of Tetris

As soon as you see containers being stacked together there is one thing that goes across everyone’s minds ‘that’s just like Tetris’ and there is no doubting the similarities. As you may imagine, the operators that stack and move these containers day in day are a dab hand at Tetris and London Gateway openly admit that they look for gamers when employing new staff.

Those hours upon hours spent in the arcades or in front of the TV may not have been wasted then!

High Speed Containers

With this Tetris like approach to moving containers it’s no surprise that the process of distribution has been greatly speeded up in the last decade and especially in the last few years. With port operators having the latest stock control software and machinery at their disposal, mistakes are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


As consumers we always expect for next day delivery to be an option and in order to keep up with demands the container industry has had to adapt in order to survive. Containers can arrive in the port and leave on the way to their final destination all in the same day. This not only ensures that the yard is never full, it also make sure that any fresh items arrive at their destination as fresh as possible.

As experts in steel container hire in London, we also love a bit of container Tetris and despite not having quite the amount of machinery the gateway does, we are still sure to be able to solve your storage needs. If you are looking for a container storage solution that is fast and efficient then look no further as we’ve got you covered. Whatever you are storing, and wherever you are storing it, simply contact us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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