Site Accommodation: Importance of Welfare Facilities

Health, safety and welfare are basic requirements of any workplace so you should always provide high-quality and functional welfare facilities. Not only is this the law, but it also makes for a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

In this article, we consider the most important welfare facilities that you should be keeping on-site:


Water and Washing

It’s important that all site accommodation includes running water and appropriate washing facilities. There should also be an area where workers can wash their face, arms and forearms separate from the toilets so that your workers can stay clean and hygienic. This space may be used to wash before eating food to avoid consuming unwanted germs or dirt from the hands.

Remember, your workers have the right to:

  • Clean water
  • Hot and cold water
  • Running water
  • Soap (or other appropriate means for washing)
  • Towels
  • Good ventilation
  • Efficient lighting in the washing area

If the job is messy and involves particularly dirty work showers should also be provided.

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Providing toilets should be a priority, but you should also ensure that they are suitable in terms of their functionality and hygiene standard. Make sure that they stay clean, are well lit and thoroughly well ventilated to meet their sanitary needs and expectations. If possible, you should aim to have the toilets cleaned every day, though this is not always possible and can depend on how heavily your workers use them.

You may be able to reduce the amount of cleaning needed for your toilets by increasing the number of toilets available to your workers. The more toilets there are, the less traffic each one will be subjected to.

At a minimum, toilets should be checked at least once a day to ensure that there is toilet roll present in each cubicle. This routine check may be avoided by shifting the responsibility onto your workers and educating them on how to replace it.

There should also be a washing facility nearby so that it can be used immediately after using the toilet.

 Portable toilets

Changing Rooms and Places to Store Belongings

Onsite accommodation should include a secure place where people can change clothes in private, as well as somewhere for them to store their personal belongings. This is usually only necessary when workers need to wear special clothing for the nature of their work and can’t get changed elsewhere.


Rest Area

There should be a suitable area provided for workers to take their breaks and to eat meals – which is especially important for work sites that have anything that could contaminate food. Employers don’t have to provide a canteen or places to buy hot food, but by law, they must provide basic facilities.


Drinking Water

There should be a constant supply of clean drinking water available. If it can’t be supplied directly from the mains, then it should be stored in a way that is free from contamination and damage. It should be clearly marked as drinking water, so that people are not confused by other liquids that look similar.

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