Other Uses for Industrial Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are very flexible in their potential uses, we’ve seen containers rented out as homes an Airbnb, but you can also use one for your next pop-up business venture, safe bicycle storage for your tenants or even on a construction site. If you have a spare high-quality steel storage container you could turn it into one of the following or speak to us about finding a new home for it.


Safe Bicycle Storage

If your block of flats has some outdoor space, you may want to consider adding a steel storage container for your tenants there. A steel storage container is safe, unassuming and will protect its contents from the effects of difficult weather. This makes it a great choice for bicycle storage, simply attach a sturdy lock to the entrance and implement some useful bike racks inside the container for your tenants to use.

This will encourage your tenants to take up cycling which is great for their personal health and good for the planet if they cycle instead of taking cars. The container will also hide the bikes from would-be-thieves, protecting your tenants’ goods and providing them with tangible benefits to staying in your accommodation.


Construction Site Storage

Your site may benefit from a steel storage unit or two if you worry about the safety of your tools. If tool protection and storage has been an issue for you in the past, then you may even want to go the extra mile and invest in some anti-vandal units.

It might not just be tools that you are looking to house during the general working day, however, you may also be in need of some mobile and welfare site accommodation in London too. Making sure that your workers are well looked after is important for creating teams with strong bonds that look forward to creating success for the business.


Replace Your Old Shed

Your old wooden shed might last for another two years, maybe four if you’re lucky, but a steel storage container will last for years and years with the right care and treatment. Steel containers are built to be able to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions so you can be sure that they can handle a rainy British back garden with ease.

You can even tailor your new steel-shed to match your own ideals with our bespoke containers if you fancy stylizing a storage container as a fully furnished man cave.


Food Storage

There are many benefits to using a steel storage container as a huge food storage container. For starters, they are easy to use and clean, as well as free from harmful chemicals (so long as they haven’t been treated for use on the high seas) so they can be perfect for food storage. The steel used to make the container will need to be food-grade to ensure that it is fully safe, but it is possible to make and purchase an industrial-sized steel storage container suitable for food. This may be especially important if you are planning on running a pop-up business selling food from a bespoke steel storage container. In one of our popular infographics, we deduced that you could fit 5 billion bananas in one of our storage containers.


You could turn your spare steel container into an income by renovating it and putting it up on Airbnb as many innovative individuals have already succeeded in accomplishing. There is always enough space in a shipping container as these charming tiny homes suggest, so you will never have to worry about squeezing to find room in a container if others can fit their entire lives into one.


There are various uses for steel storage containers and we’re excited to see what new uses or inventions people will dream up next. Some architects are already considering skyscrapers built from steel storage, whereas others are using their watertight qualities to make low-budget and industrial style swimming pools. If you had a steel storage container, what would you do with it?

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