Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers

You may be surprised to learn that shipping containers aren’t exclusively used in the shipping industry to transport cargo around the world.

People are starting to come up with innovative uses for shipping containers, for both domestic and commercial purposes.

We have found some of the most interesting examples of how shipping containers have been used and compiled a list of their uses.


Containers are regularly being converted into saunas as people are seeking a cheaper alternative to the real thing.

Shipping containers have ample room be converted into a fully functioning sauna, which could be put in place in your garden.

Holiday Homes

With people constantly on the lookout for new innovative ways to head on holiday, spending a week away in a converted storage container doesn’t sound completely crazy.

Glamping is extremely popular at the moment, and it’s no surprise that converted cargo containers are becoming popular.

It offers a completely unique experience and is something that is becoming more popular as time goes on.



A current popular trend is converting retired cargo containers into bars in many cities across the world.

This has a gimmicky appeal to punters and are often relatively popular due to being completely unique.

Medical Centres

A truly lifesaving shipping container innovation. Containers converted into portable medical centres is one of the most practical and useful innovations in this list.

They can come in useful at events and festivals as they are easy to transport and don’t take up much space.

Along with this, they are an affordable alternative to traditional building structures and are becoming a vital tool in helping third world countries combat ill health.

Shopping Stores

Designer brands have begun looking into the idea of using containers as high street stores in a bid to entice shoppers in with curb appeal.

This is a relatively new concept but is something that could potentially take off with big brands always looking to be at the forefront of innovation.


Using shipping containers as a classroom is becoming popular in poorer countries that can’t afford to build expensive infrastructure for schools.

Shipping containers are a cheap alternative and provide children in developing nations with a good level of education.

Renewable energy is being used alongside the makeshift classrooms to replicate a level of education that people in the UK can relate to.

Swimming Pool

Ever wanted your own swimming pool, but simply couldn’t afford it? Turning a shipping container into one could be your best bet.

Their rectangular shape and depth makes them a perfect makeshift swimming pool that could fit perfectly into your garden.

Container City

This innovation is based in the heart of London and is a new housing development that is made entirely from retired shipping containers.

They have been put in place to provide affordable homes for people who live in London as prices soar in the capital.



With craft beer being popular at the moment, several entrepreneurs have started using storage containers to start up their own microbrewery companies.

The low cost of shipping containers allow owners to expand rapidly, and keeps overall costs down.

Owners are also able to easily move their brewery around to ensure they engage with as many clients as possible throughout the country.

If you fancy converting a shipping container into your very own microbrewery, Flintham Cabins may be able to make your dreams a reality.

To learn more about our containers and take advantage of their amazing storing and transporting capabilities, contact us today!

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