Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Renting a Shipping Container

There are so many different containers available, all of which are designed to suit a variety of needs. So, it’s important to carefully consider what you’re going to be using the container for; there are a number of all too common mistakes people make when buying or renting a shipping container that you need to be aware of.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important that you take the time to think about what you’re going to be using the container for. Consider the dimensions of what you’re going to be storing or transporting in the container; or if you’re going to be using the container as an office or meeting place, make sure there will be enough space to move around comfortably.

It’s a good idea to mark out the dimensions if you can, which will give you a far more tangible idea of what you’re dealing with. Far too many people have assumed they know what a 10 x 8 ft container looks like, only to realise their preconception was wrong when it’s delivered.

Not Checking for Damage

No container provider worth your business will ever knowingly try to deliver you a faulty or damaged shipping container, but mistakes can happen. It’s therefore important that you are very aware of what it is you need when your container is delivered, never simply assume the container will be fit for purpose.

It should be made from weather resistant steel to give you the maximum working life possible. Have a good look around the doors, the floor, the sides and the roof. The flooring should have no soft spots, there should be no suspicious damp smells, and you should not be able to see daylight poking through any holes from inside the container. At Flintham Cabins, we provide high-quality steel containers to suit any requirements.

Neglecting Security

It’s little surprise that the most vulnerable part of the entire container is going to be the door, so it’s important that you make sure it’s as tamper-proof and thief-resistant as possible.

Ideally, your container should come with a lockbox, or you should have one fitted. This is basically a small metal box which is securely welded to the front of the container doors, which prevents unauthorised access to the padlock. It’s also a sensible idea to invest in the best quality padlock you can afford, it’s tempting to go for the cheaper option but, in reality, they can quickly let you down.

Not Planning for Delivery

Depending on the size of the container you have chosen and where you intend to have it placed, delivery could be difficult. Think about the size of the container and account for the delivery vehicle, making sure there is ample space to manoeuvre and to unload the container safely.

If you spot any overhanging power cables, trees or other obstacles, it’s a good idea for you to inform your container provider as far in advance as possible to allow them to take the necessary precautions. Consider also where exactly you’re going to want the container placed and clear room if possible, don’t leave it until the last possible moment to consider these things.

Neglecting Insurance

Depending on how you intend to use the shipping container, it’s a good idea for you to be as well versed as possible in the specifics of what your insurance obligations are. Do as much homework as you can and don’t be afraid to ask for advice on what responsibilities you have in preparing for delivery.

Contact us at Flintham Cabins for all your steel container needs; a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services.

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