Modularisation: The Road to Swifter Construction

At Flintham Cabins we always champion the use of modular structures. Within our company this clearly relates to the application and implementation of our steel containers and portable cabins in London, however these aren’t the only modular constructions that there are out there in the big wide world…

Increasingly, the rest of humanity is waking up to the idea of using modular structures for an ever expanding list of applications. We’ve discussed how the humble portable cabin has become used in the construction of modular skyscrapers and how they are becoming increasingly popular for use as everything from lodgings to restaurants, but a further development into the world of modularisation just shows the diversity of the use of pre-fabricated structures.

The Modular Road

Research and developments into the utilisation of modular road sections has been underway across the globe for some time. News from the Netherlands follows in the true spirit of modular buildings, offering not only an energy efficient solution to road construction, but clearly displaying an environmental awareness.

Rural landscape with road you are driving a red truck

Much like modular skyscrapers, and unlike concrete or asphalt, these modular road sections can be pre-constructed in a factory setting. In doing so, the remainder of their story in becoming a road section is pretty brief… Take to where new road is needed and slot into place! Pretty simple, ey? These allow the length of time taken to construct a road to go from months to weeks!

Recycled Roads

While that all sounds pretty incredible, it becomes extra-so when we reveal that the material for these feats of construction engineering is actually recycled waste – and not just any recycled waste… The project from the Netherlands has discovered how to turn the plastic that would usually be burnt off, or end up floating in the sea, into a viable material for use as roads.

Furthermore, these roads are seemingly more durable than asphalt and other road materials, meaning that repairs need to be undertaken less frequently. Also, when these repairs do need to be made, they can be done so as swiftly as they were laid due to the fact these roads sections can be removed and replaced like Lego.

Dangerous Road - iStock_000004115541_Large

So, in summary, these new developments mean that road construction could experience a much more energy and time efficient evolution – much like our modular buildings have done for building construction. Modular buildings serve to reduce the time of build, therefore the amount of man hours needed and, ultimately, the overall carbon footprint. So, if you find yourself in the market for a durable and efficient solution to your storage or construction site accommodation needs, then get in touch with Flintham Cabins. You can contact our friendly team on 020 8459 6972 where you can discuss our range of services, and provide us with the opportunity to meet your individual business needs.

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